Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Vettel hopes for baby boost

              Saturday, November 30, 2019

              Before the last race of the year, Ferrari drivers Vettel and Leclerc are only finishing in fourth place. The unnecessary crash from the penultimate race was ticked off, so Vettel. A private matter deals with the Germans all the more.
              Sebastian Vettel sees no increased risk in the stable duel with his Ferrari rival Charles Leclerc before the season finale of Formula 1. The crash of the two at the last race in Brazil was largely analyzed, Vettel said in the run-up to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Sunday, 14.10 CET / RTL). "And the key is that we have no problem with each other," said Vettel: "The respect is there, it was exaggerated from the outside, it's okay inside." In the final stages of the Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, the two Ferrari drivers had made a slight touch with great effect in the battle for the podium: Both fell out, the team was without points. Vettel was on the line for no apparent reason to the left pulled, Leclerc could have dodged, but did not. "We telephoned right after that and described our point of view," Vettel said: "The bottom line was that it was a shit – we both know that the accident was on our toes." last race of the year is between the two only to World Cup rank four, but Leclerc has almost certain: Vettel would win on Sunday and would need a lot more Schützenhilfe.Die birth of his third child last Wednesday makes the season finale also a complicated Affair for the Heppenheimer. "I'm torn," he said cheerfully, "of course I like being here and want to finish the year well, but I would have liked to spend the first weekend after birth at home Stay in contact." For the race, he now hopes "a small boost, I hope that I can take this into the weekend."

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