After Bayern first time out: Kovac corrupts Herthas coach hopes

              Tuesday, November 26, 2019

              Coach Ante Covic faces Bundesliga star Hertha BSC. But the fan's favorite follower is currently not ready for a new job: Niko Kovac wants to take a break after the break from Bayern. That brings manager Michael Preetz in distress.
              The boardroom of the football Bundesliga club Hertha BSC will not like to take note of this news: Their desire coach Niko Kovac would like to take over, according to information from the German Press Agency this season, no new commitment. Just three weeks ago, the 48-year-old was released at Bayern Munich. Hertha is currently in a crisis, only table-15. is the capital club after the blamable 0: 4 at FC Augsburg. Under the current head coach Ante Covic sat it last four league defeats in series – his time with Hertha seems to have expired. Ever since Kovac 'Aus in Munich, the Hertha fans have also wanted a commitment from the native Berliner, who spent a total of eight years with Hertha in his active footballing career. But it will not – at least in the short term – come. This order – Kovac on Covic – would have been quite explosive, because Kovac is the godfather of Covic '21-year-old son Maurice, who belongs to the Hertha professional squad. Elf coach in ten years Serving: Michael Preetz. (Photo: imago images / Jan Huebner) For manager Michael Preetz, his rejection does not make his own situation any easier. He and the other club bosses want the "Bild" newspaper, according to this Tuesday again to discuss the coach. As long as the former striker avoids the public. He had to let it all go "first," he had said on Sunday. The fact that the experiment with the former junior coach Covic – who has been working for the club for more than 20 years – failed, is in two respects no good news for him either. Covic is – interim coach included – the eleventh coach in Preetz 'ten-year term. And finally, it was the decision of the 52-year-old to promote Covic in the summer after four years under coach Pal Dardai from the offspring and confide for the first time a Bundesliga team. What has worked for Dardai, just does not apply to his successor – even if the idea was well received by the fans and in the club.But of Covic 'promise to stir up with offensive spectacle, the league, nothing remained. While under Dardai at least the first half of the season was always quite neat, the team under Covic has even playfully deteriorated. Preetz had exulted before the season, together with the financial rainfall of 224 million euros of Tennor Holding by investor Lars Windhorst, in the next few years "regularly play for an international place." The bitter reality, however, means relegation battle.Klinsmann as an interim solution? It is still unclear whether Covic will even experience the 13th Bundesliga game day on the bench. Then it goes in the home Olympic Stadium against Borussia Dortmund with also badly battered coach Lucien Favre (15.30 clock in the live ticker at The 44-year-old makes it – at least he says that – a few thoughts. "It's not about my own health. It's about the club." And so more is said about his succession than about his possible whereabouts. There is much speculation about joining the new Supervisory Board member Jürgen Klinsmann. According to the "kicker", this is not even completely ruled out, at least as a short-term solution. Actually, however, the 55-year-old acts as a consultant and authorized representative of Tennor Holding. With his dedication, he would give Hertha time to look in peace for a new head coach. Harald Gämperle could soon be in the spotlight. (Photo: imago images / Bernd König) A scenario that is also possible with the current Covic assistant Harald Gämperle. The Swiss had been brought back for the coaching staff of Covic, after he had worked for a good two years since 2007 together with Lucien Favre at the Berliners. He then worked with Urs Fischer, the current coach of the city competitor 1. FC Union, among others. If Gämperle should step in this week, he would duel on Saturday on his old boss.Dardai is still Hertha employeeEbenfalls would come from their own ranks Ex: Dardai still has a contract with Hertha BSC. In the summer he is to work after a break again as a coach in the club. Actually planned is a position in the junior area – but he would be an interim alternative. A very unlikely, however, finally Preetz would have to admit his own mistake. In addition, the Hungarian is for a defensive football, the club wanted to abolish even in the summer. If one would necessarily present someone from their own club as an interim solution, would come in the ranking first U23 coach Andreas "Zecke" Neuendorf in question. But Preetz has miscalculated with this order before. And so the call for proven powers is great. The speculation is about Roger Schmidt, who has been without a club since his retirement in Beijing. In addition, the former Leverkusen coach plays the offensive football that Covic had promised when he took office.

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