Amazon Prime Video: New Movies and Series in December 2019

 December is approaching with big steps. So that we can have it at Christmas time too, Amazon Prime Video refreshes the in-house film and series program. A daredevil hot-air balloon expedition, a Celtic liberation struggle and the final battle of the Vikings: all that and much more are the highlights of the streaming service in December. It gets really exciting with Season 4 of The Expanse: The crew of the Rocinante expects new worlds, new threats and a difficult new mission. On behalf of the UN, the crew of the Rocinante starts the mission to explore new worlds beyond the Ringtore. Humanity has the prospect of thousands of Earth-like planets, leading to an onslaught on available land, and at the same time further increasing tension between the opposing nations of Earth, Mars and Belt. Ilus is the first of these planets to be explored. It is rich in natural resources, but is also shaped by the ruins of a long dead alien civilization. But as it turns out, a much more significant danger lurks there for the adventurers.
At least as dangerous is also in the final season of Vikings. The Vikings are in their final battle: years of turmoil with numerous tragedies have passed. The Vikings explore new territories thousands of miles from Kattegat, where they meet rivals who are equal to them in battle. Ragnar's sons are repeatedly confronted with the consequences of Ragnar's death. It turns out that the seer's visions are really right. The last season answers crucial questions while making it clear that the war is far from over. Here are all the December highlights in the overview:
New series and seasons:
01.12.2019: Airwolf – Squadrons 1 – 4
05.12.2019: Viking's Season 6
06.12.2019: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season 3
13.12.2019: The Expanse Season 4
13.13.2019: The Grand Tour presents: Seamen
New Movies: 01.12.2019: The Hateful 8
03.12.2019: The Wilde Wedding
04.12.2019: Monsieur Claude and his daughters
04.12.2019: Monsieur Claude 2
05.12.2019: Spider in the Web
06.12.2019: Matriarch – She wants your baby
09.12.2019: Ballerina: Your dream of the Bolschoi
14.12.2019: Vaccinated – Family with side effects
14.12.2019: Carol
15.12.2019: Mrs. Mills next door
16.12.2019: The Sex Pact
17.12.2019: The shoe of the Manitu
18.12.2019: Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans
20.12.2019: The Aeronauts
20.12.2019: Iron Sky: The Coming Race
21.12.2019: Paul and the school of life
23.12.2019: Lady Bird
27.12.2019: Kill Chain
31.12.2019: Ultimately, we do not care about the universe
31.12.2019: Hereditary – The Legacy
New Kids-Highlights:
01.12.2019: Elliot, the smallest reindeer
23.12.2019: Mission Panda – an animal team
25.12.2019: Asterix and the mystery of the magic potion
25.12.2019: Asterix in the land of the gods
New titles for buying and borrowing in the digital shop:
Kroos: to buy and borrow available from 05.12.
Dream Factory: for sale and rent available from 05.12.
The Stockholm Story – Beloved Geiselzum Buy and Borrow available from 05.12.
The Simpsons – Season 30: available for purchase from 06.12.
Fisherman's Friends – From the cutter to the charts: available for purchase from borrow Available from 13.12.
Silicon Valley – Season 6: Available for purchase from 11.12.
A Toy Story: Everything stops at no command: to buy and borrow available from 12.12.
Crawl: available for purchase from be loaned from 19.12.
Once upon a Time In … Hollywood: available for purchase from be loaned from 19.12.
Stuber – 5 Stars Undercover: available for purchase from be loaned from 26.12.
I Am Mother: available for purchase from be loaned from 27.12.
Good Boys: available for purchase from be borrowed from 09.01.
Playmobil: The movie: to buy and borrow available from 27.12.
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