Announce Amazon Prime Video: How to Stop Subscription

 Have you decided to delete your Amazon Prime Video account? Or do you just want to cancel your membership in the streaming giant? But deleting one's own account is sometimes not as easy as expected. We show you how to do it and what you have to pay attention to.
You are tired of Amazon Prime Video or you want an alternative instead? No problem, because we'll show you step by step how to get rid of your Amazon account. Just follow our instructions to make it work smoothly. There are some important things to consider in advance.
If you just want to cancel your membership on Amazon Prime, then first log in to Prime. Under My Account you click on My Prime Membership. Then you just have to click on the tab Membership Management – Exit Membership – Forgo Benefits. This confirms that your membership should be pulped permanently. But make sure that you not only announce your subscription to Amazon's movie and series offer Amazon Prime Video. Even Amazon Prime Music and the free shipping will not be usable.
With the Prime subscription one differentiates between monthly 7.99 euro or 69 euro annually. A fixed notice period does not exist on Amazon, but it depends on which subscription version you have chosen. If you pay on a monthly basis, the termination of your membership will be completed at the end of the month, after which no more money will be debited. For an annual subscription, the same applies at the end of the subscription year.
If you are tired of Amazon, you can completely delete your account. The shipping giant does not make it that easy for you. To permanently delete the account, first click Help. Sub Need more help? do you contact us to speak with the customer service. Then you select under option Prime and other the item Please give us further information about your concern. Now you come after the option Update information in the customer account to the point close customer account.
Then you have to contact us at How do you want to contact us? still choose how the customer service should reach you. You should receive a confirmation by mail, which contains all further information. Follow the instructions of the mail and Amazon should delete the account within the next 24 hours. Further confirmation of the final deletion should follow thereafter.

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