Applicants for party presidency: SPD women criticize male political style

              Thursday, November 14, 2019

              In the end, only one of them can take over the co-chairmanship of the SPD. But no matter who wins, Saskia Esken and Klara Geywitz want to work for a more feminine and family-friendly policy. The two Social Democrats denounce nocturnal sessions and verbal breakdowns.
              They compete with various partners, but agree on some basic things: Saskia Esken and Klara Geywitz want to determine the fortunes of the SPD alongside Norbert Walter-Borjans and Olaf Scholz. In a joint interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the two candidates for the party's co-chair stated that they want to make working in top political offices more female and more family-friendly. "Coalition committees should take place during the day," Geywitz said. "I do not believe in this show: with the last of our strength, we agreed on the ingenious compromise at five o'clock in the morning – exhaustion as a means of politics – that comes from a different era." The 43-year-old said she likes the idea of ​​a political-free Sunday. "If I am elected, it will be quite practical, because of course I do not intend to leave my children anywhere and then make 24/7 SPD policy." Both women criticized the conversation in the 21st century still masculine style of politics. Esken said the verbal abuses she faced were different from those of the men: "They talk about how I look like that, whether I have the right size of a basket." Even in the 21st century, women in politics are still treated differently from men What is sad, "said the Bundestag. Asked whether women at the SPD spike needed male protectors after Andrea Nahles' involuntary departure, Esken says: "We do not need protectors." Should Scholz remain finance minister and vice-chancellor, as in the case of an electoral victory for the tandem Geywitz / Scholz? the vice-chancellor should go on, the two social-democrats answer differently. Geywitz pleaded that Scholz should keep his government offices: "To take care of the party does not mean that you are in Willy-Brandt-Haus as often as possible." Rather, there is a desire to maintain the instrument of regional conferences. "The party is doing well, but the party is also doing well if the government makes as much social-democratic policy as possible, so it is good if the vice-chancellor wants a strong SPD. Has a mandate, "said the Brandenburg member of parliament. Their competitor Esken saw this differently: "The question is rather whether Olaf Scholz will succeed in the position of finance minister to make a more social democratic policy, because he is party leader." Until 29 November, the SPD members can vote for the new party leadership. At the SPD federal party conference in Berlin on 6 December, the winning team will be finally chosen by the delegates.

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