Aquaman 2: DC now owns Loki

 Aquaman goes down in history as the most successful DC movie. A sequel has become indispensable in the meantime. For the sequel to join well, the makers try to hold on to the old line-up. In addition to leading actor Jason Momoa, will also play another familiar face. Ironically, Aquaman, who was mocked by DC fans again and again, cleared off an incredible movie success. With a box-in price of over $ 1 billion, the fishman easily surpassed his competition. While heroes like Kal-El (Henry Cavill) and the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) change roles, Aquaman is not easily washed away. Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) will soon be seen in his next solo adventure. And there is not only a reunion with him and Mera (Amber Heard), but also with Patrick Wilson. The star is also in Aquaman 2 again as Ocean Master Orm at the start.
Orm was not just a villain in Aquaman, he's also Arthur Curry's half-brother. With difficulty Orm could be defeated in the first part by a duel. Instead of killing Orm, Aquaman threw him in jail and was named the new king of the underwater world. It's very likely that the former villain plays an important role in the sequel. We may even see Orm as one of the good guys from now on. Two half-brothers, who fight each other in the beginning and then join in the common cause, certainly reminds Marvel fans of Thor and Loki.
In the conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, Wilson, however, with concrete statements holds back for now. At the same time he promises for the sequel, that director James Wan with Aquaman 2 will provide a huge refill. "I can say that James Wan's ideas are up to par," Wilson reveals. Especially with the incredibly spectacular finale of Part 1 in mind, this raises the question: How does the second part want to go a long way?
To make the sequel even bigger and more colorful, the makers still have a lot of time. More specifically, there are still three years left to work on the sequel. Then, Aquaman 2 will be released on December 16, 2022 in the USA. There is not yet a German start.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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