Aquaman 2: Promises Jason Momoa for the DC sequel

 On December 20, 2018 Aquaman came to German cinemas. The film was able to convince many viewers and critics. Eventually, the blockbuster was even declared the most successful DC movie. So it's no wonder the plans for a sequel are already there. Aquaman 2 should be even more powerful and expensive than its predecessor. Here's what main character Jason Momoa has to say about the second part.
At the end of last year Aquaman had a rather colorful spectacle. The blockbuster counted for many to the most visually impressive DC films of all time. The love of detail in the mysterious underwater world Atlantis has remained in the memory of the fans. But also in terms of the action Aquaman was able to deliver well. The superhero movie by James Wan had many sprawling combat scenes to offer. According to Jason Momoa, Aquaman himself, Part 2 is set to go even further.
Momoa still does not want to announce any specific details. But the 40-year-old Hollywood star can hardly restrain his anticipation. In an interview, he said, "There is so much more on so many other levels, there will be a lot, it's much bigger!" According to the actor responsible for the DC films Studio Warner Bros. is also thrilled. He recently exchanged views with those in charge: "And they love her and James, and everyone says we're taking them all in. We're looking forward to doing another."
The successes of the first part can already be seen. Almost 1.15 billion US dollars flushed Aquaman at the box office worldwide. That makes him the highest-grossing DC-FIlm ever. Even Christopher Nolan's cult film The Dark Knight Rises (over $ 1.08 billion) was thus replaced by the first place. In Aquaman 2 there will be a reunion with Jason Momoa as the new King of Atlantis. Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Kidman and Patrick Wilson will also be back. Aquaman 2 will then come on December 16, 2022 in the US cinemas. A German start will probably not be far away.

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