Aquaman: So goes Jason Momoa in a suit pee

 It is a problem that probably all super heroes schonmal had: How do you go in a skin-tight suit actually on the toilet? Even DC Aquaman Jason Momoa has been asked this question many times. He revealed the big secret in the Kelly Clarkson Show. Aquaman has made a decent run of success: From the joke in the comics made the superhero the most successful DC movie ever. So it is no wonder that now with a new part should be refilled. That Game Of Thrones star Jason Momoa had a big impact on it, was quickly decided thing. Meanwhile, they even plan a horror spin-off about the nastiest characters from the first part.
But the really important questions about the underwater superhero have now been asked by children. As Cinema Blend reports, Momoa was recently asked where Aquaman is actually going to the bathroom. In the Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer's children were allowed to poke questions with Arthur Curry's actor. As the fish already facilitate, of course, for Aquaman, the entire ocean is a big loo. On land, it should of course be a few problems. After all, the skin-tight suits for him and Mera (Amber Heard) are certainly not so easy to take off.
But Momoa also had a more serious answer. Because on the set he was told that he should go as little as possible to the toilet: It looks like it would be easy to pee with the suit. But in reality it is not. And if you have to go to the bathroom, it's a real challenge. You have to be really good at stopping it. "
The Hollywood star must face this difficult challenge again soon. Aquaman 2 should be even bigger than the original. Until then, he still has a lot of time to train: Aquaman 2 starts on 16 December 2022 in the cinemas.

Source: Cinema Blend

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