Bad Boys 3: New Trailer for Bad Boys For Life

 Will Smith and Martin Lawrence once said they were Bad Boys For Life! Now they want to make that promise come true and bring 17 years after Bad Boys 2 a sequel to the cinemas, which should put all the previously seen in the series action technology in the shade. An impression of the whimsy behind Bad Boys 3 offers you the new trailer, which you can now find in our player under this text! On display are our two favorite cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who have to defend themselves against half an army and especially their weapons. The explosions, car chases and beatings are quite impressive and sometimes seem like a war movie filmed on the streets of Miami!
The humor is typically Bad Boys and also somehow typical Will Smith, who fires spells and bullets with a slightly stout Martin Lawrence. The two brawlers have to get together again in Bad Boys 3 aka Bad Boys For Life, because Will Smith lands on the death list of a cartel and his old partner will not let him down.
The two Bad Boys are supported by a group of young cops, including the actor Alexander Ludwig, whom many know as Björn from the Vikings series. Danaben sees Jacob as the film's villain and Mexican actress Paola Nunez as Mike's ex-girlfriend Rita.
After 17 years of waiting fans want to see a fireworks, of course. The new trailer makes it look like it's going to blow that up, but let's not be fooled: behind the scenes, there was a year-long problem finding a director and bringing the two leading actors back together.
Let's hope that Bad Boys 3 was not knitted with a hot needle just to finally complete the project. Bad Boys For Life, the third film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as Bad Boys, will kick off on January 16, 2020 in German cinemas. Check out the latest trailer for the movie now. Click in our video player to start the clip.

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