Bear Grylls: Stars on the Limit – New Season Starts on TV

 Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls has never spared himself as a documentary filmmaker and survival professional. The 45-year-old has already experienced almost every conceivable tough situation on his own body – from climbing lonely Antarctic summits to crossing the Northwest Passage to the paramotor expedition in the Himalayas. For "Bear Grylls: Stars on the Limit", the former British elite soldier and professional adventurer takes Hollywood stars, entertainers and models into the wilderness for two days each. In the most dangerous places of the planet, the stars, alone and equipped with the essentials, have to resort to traditional survival techniques, defy the forces of nature and defeat their greatest enemy: the self-destructive thought "I can never do that!"
Overcoming the limitations of the head is as important to survival in the wild as mastering basic survival skills such as making fires, building a shelter or procuring food and water. These are the skills Survival Specialist Bear Grylls brings to his celebrity guests as he sets off on expeditions to the most inhospitable regions of the world. In the new season, he heads with Oscar winner and "Captain Marvel" main character Brie Larson on a deserted island in the Gulf of Panama – the jump from a helicopter and the nerve-wracking crossing of crocodile-rich Mangrovensümpfe inclusive. Comedian Joel McHale, otherwise not a mouth-to-mouth, spends a lot of time in the desert of Arizona when he looks into deep chasms or while his lunchtime meal is guaranteed to be organic, but rather disgusting.
For supermodel Cara Delevingne a long-cherished wish comes true with her Sardinien trip. After all, she always wanted to set out with Bear Grylls in the wilderness. In the Sardinian mountains, the two shimmy over deep ravines and rappel on a slippery rock wall next to a waterfall. In another episode, actor Rob Riggle heads to Iceland, where he wants to cross the Vatnajökull glacier along with Bear. In order for them to survive the night, they must reach a distant emergency parachute. It is anything but easy to find. And finally, "Mr. Spock" Zachary Quinto has to prove his terrestrial sense of direction on a jungle trip. Other guests include freestyle climber Alex Honnold, Hollywood stars Dave Bautista, Channing Tatum and Armie Hammer, and US entertainer Bobby Bones.
Survival expert Bear Grylls takes celebrities to the remotest regions of the world and puts their survivability to the test
Celebrity guests include Oscar winner Brie Larson, Hollywood star Channing Tatum, top model Cara Delevingne and extreme mountaineer Alex Honnold
The fifth season of "Bear Grylls: Stars on the Limit" from 26 January 2020 on Sundays at 21.00 clock as a German TV premiere on National Geographic
Optionally in the English original or the German dubbed version
All ten episodes are also available via Sky Go, Sky On Demand, Sky Ticket, MagentaTV, UPC Switzerland, Vodafone Select and GigaTV on Demand

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