Berlin: Cocaine delivery service with drug taxi – defendant admits

Wednesday, 13.11.2019
15:11 clock

A 41-year-old has stood in front of the Berlin district court trade in narcotic drugs. The defendant admitted to running a cocaine delivery service. In March 2019, he had taken over from someone else a telephone over which a so-called drug taxi had been controlled, the man said at the beginning of the trial.


Because he had no work and money worries, he continued the business, the defendant said. He delivered the cocaine with his own car. However, the amount sold by the prosecution was clearly too high.

The indictment assumes that the 41-year-old sold until his arrest in May 2019 a total of 1580 so-called consumer units. In four cases, he is said to have purchased larger quantities of narcotic drugs from a previously unknown dealer in Bremen and resold them in smaller units in Berlin.


  Mitangeklagt is a 37-year-old. He is said to have worked as a driver for the main defendant in one case. On the way back from Bremen to Berlin around 1.2 kilograms of cocaine mixture should have been in the car.

The 41-year-old further stated that he had sold the supply of cocaine, which had also been left to him at the beginning of the business. There was only one procurement trip to Bremen. The 37-year-old said he was not privy to the plans. (Learn more about the phenomenon of "drug taxis" here.)

  Since May, the Berlin police have their own statistics on "Btm delivery service" in illegal trade in cocaine. Btm stands for narcotics. By October 1 alone, 35 such investigations had been initiated, police said in October.

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