Bettina Zimmermann does not consider beauty an asset

Thursday, 28.11.2019
08:32 clock

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. Actress Bettina Zimmermann sometimes sees her as an obstacle. Beauty is "definitely no advantage in acting", said the 44-year-old of the "Augsburger Allgemeine". "You immediately end up in a drawer for certain roles," she explained. That you would agree with all colleagues, however, may be doubted.


Of course, she is pleased with compliments, but does not rate them over, "since I did not contribute anything to my appearance, these were only my parents". For them, beauty is in the inner life of a person.

In her relationship with Kai Wiesinger externalities are not an issue: it would be "terrible if a partnership would be based only on external values," said Zimmermann. "I would have to worry about getting older."

  Although Wiesinger, like Zimmermann, is an actor, they are completely normal: "You have to be structured and able to organize well," said the "One Fall for Two" main actress. "As an actor, we're not home 365 days a year," she added. "You have a project, you work hard on it over time, and then your partner has to do more at home, but that's just the same with many other families."

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