Boeing: 737 Max is scheduled to fly again in January

Monday, 11.11.2019
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The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has postponed the resumption of air traffic of its 737-Max machines. The commercial use of the aircraft in the US will be possible again from January, the company said. Earlier, Boeing had planned to resume deployment in December.


The certification of a new control software for the jet by the US aviation authority FAA is expected in mid-December, according to Boeing spokesman Gordon Johndroe. The delivery of model aircraft to customers could start again, Boeing said. This is dependent on milestones that have to be achieved in the approval process. Even the prospect of a resumption of deliveries caused a price jump for Boeing. The papers in the Dow Jones Industrial last increased by 4.4 percent.

Final confirmation is pending

So that the 737 Max may be used again in commercial flight operations, is still working on the "final confirmation of the updated training requirements," said Boeing. American Airlines announced last week that it would cancel flights with the crisis jet until the beginning of March. It is not known whether the airline will stay with the approval of the FAA.

  Boeing is in a deep crisis after two aircraft accidents with the machine type 737 Max. Since March, the model has been subject to a worldwide flight ban. In two crashes with machines of the type in Indonesia and Ethiopia, 346 people were killed. Investigators suspect that the accidents are related to a stabilization system that pushes the aircraft nose down in the event of a risk of stalling.


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At a hearing in Washington Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg had admitted mistakes. The company will learn from the accidents, the Group has made changes to the aircraft model, he said. When asked why the 737 Max was not taken out of service after the first accident, Muilenburg said: "If we could turn back the clock, we would make a different decision."

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