Bolivia: Transitional government to expel Venezuelan diplomats

Friday, 15.11.2019
23:41 clock

Ex-president Morales has already left the country, now representatives of his closest allies are to follow. Bolivia's Transitional Government wants to expel all Venezuelan diplomats for alleged interference in internal state affairs. The staff of the Venezuelan embassy in La Paz, representing the government of President Nicolás Maduro, was given a deadline to leave the country, said new Foreign Affairs Minister Karen Longaric. There is evidence of involvement of Venezuelan citizens in violent protests against the Transitional Government. Nine Venezuelans, who are said to have found large-caliber weapons, were arrested.


Bolivia is also stepping out of Alba-TCP (Bolivarian Alliance for America), a regional alliance founded on the initiative of Venezuela, and is considering leaving the Confederation Unasur, Longaric said. In addition, the government's politically appointed ambassadors under ex-president Evo Morales – with the exception of those in the Vatican and in Peru – were relieved of their duties.

Morales, who had ruled the Andean country since 2006 as the first indigenous president, had resigned on Sunday – just three weeks after his controversial re-election – under pressure from the military and police. The Socialist, who ran for a fourth term, had declared himself the winner in the first round after the vote on October 20th. The opposition and international observers had accused him of electoral fraud. Morales, who has been in exile in Mexico since Tuesday, speaks of a coup. The socialist states of Venezuela and Cuba were the closest allies of the Morales government.

  Hundreds of Cuban doctors are also expected to leave Bolivia. According to a statement by the Cuban Foreign Ministry, the island state made this decision after four Cuban medical doctors were arrested on Wednesday in Bolivia. They are accused of having financed protests there – that was lying, it was said. For Havana, the provision of doctors and carers in different countries is an important source of income.

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