Boxing: Deontay Wilder Boxing Against Luis Ortiz For The Heavyweight Championship

Saturday, 23.11.2019
20:42 clock

If movies are particularly successful, the producers decide to continue. But in most cases the second part does not reach the first. In professional boxing the same applies: Great dramatic fights scream for a new edition, but the rematch can almost never meet the high expectations.


Nevertheless, boxing fans are currently looking forward to a series of heavyweight re-bouts. On December 7, Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia wants his world title Andy Ruiz jr. to recover, against which he had surprisingly lost in June. And this weekend in Las Vegas for the second meeting between WBC world champion Deontay Wilder and his Cuban challenger Luis Ortiz (Sunday from 4 clock German time, stream: DAZN).

On March 3, 2018, the "Bronze Bomber" Wilder and "King Kong" Ortiz faced each other for the first time and delivered a memorable fight in which the Cuban had to thrice on the ground, but shortly before the end of the seventh round Wilder with such hard Punches that the World Champion almost knocked out would have gone. The bell rescued Wilder, who came back strong and by technical K.o. won in the tenth round. At that time, he was on the scores very thin in the lead.

A big risk

  Despite the drama and intensity of the first fight, most experts were surprised when Wilder announced the rematch. For one thing, he has defeated Ortiz prematurely despite all the difficulties, so he does not have to prove that he is the better man. On the other hand, the hard-hitting Ortiz has proven how dangerous he can become Wilder.


Since it is a voluntary title defense, the Americans could have chosen a much easier opponent. Especially since the spring of 2020, the much more important rematch between Wilder and Tyson Fury is planned. From eccentric British Wilder had split in December 2018 after twelve thrilling rounds draw.

  Fury was boxing-wise superior, but had to be knocked down twice. That he got up after the second rainfall in the last round at all, is considered one of the greatest achievements of recent boxing history. Unlike Ortiz, the rematch between Wilder and Fury was arranged by the World Union. The worldwide attention will then be significantly higher than for Wilder's current fight – but of course only if he wins again against Ortiz and remains world champion.


Ethan Miller / AFP
Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder: Big mouth, much behind

  Wilder is therefore taking a big risk. He has significantly more to lose than Ortiz, who just wants to prove that he can "finish the job," as he said this week with a view to the spectacular seventh round of the first fight. Why is the world champion doing this?

What connects Wilder and Ortiz

  Wilder is still fighting for recognition. For although he is currently the most spectacular boxer and has the highest K.o. Quote of all reigning world champions, the 34-year-old in the US is not a superstar, which is well known beyond the limits of his sport. To change that, Wilder needs big fights and big victories. But there is another reason why the American has chosen Ortiz as his opponent.

  The two not only combines their enormous power in both fists: Wilder's daughter was born with an open back. He started his professional career primarily to earn enough money for their very expensive treatments and their care. For the same reason, Ortiz also decided to box professionally at the age of 30. Even his daughter has a rare congenital disease, she is a so-called butterfly child suffering from the genetic defect epidermolysis bullosa.


"I know how difficult it is to raise a disabled child," Wilder said when asked why he gave the rematch to Ortiz. "It costs a lot of money and more love." As much money as in the renewed World Cup fight, the Cubans could probably earn with no other headings. Guaranteed revenue is $ 1.5 million. They are expected to grow to about $ 7 million through stakes in ticket and TV revenues, which is about one third of what Wilder will earn.

  The "Bronze Bomber" is well worth the risk he will take on through the rematch. And by the choice of opponents, he proves that hides behind his hard fists a big heart.

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