Brexit missed in October: Johnson apologizes to the British

              Sunday, 03. November 2019

              He prefers to be "dead in the ditch", as opposed to requesting the EU to postpone Brexit, British PM Johnson asserted. However, the head of state does not keep this promise. He regrets that, he explains in an interview – but others blame him.
              British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized for failing to lead the country out of the European Union on 31 October contrary to his promises. "It's a matter of deep regret," Johnson said in an interview with broadcaster Sky. "I am very, very disappointed." The Brexit delay was an "abomination." At the same time, the head of government blamed Parliament for the delay. It had enough time to vote on the deal renegotiated with the EU, but did not use this opportunity. Johnson had repeatedly pledged that Britain would leave the EU on October 31, "come what may." Now the land should be released by 31 January at the latest. The Brexit debate will be at the center of the early parliamentary elections on 12 December. The PM said that the UK would swiftly conclude a trade agreement with the EU after Brexit. A contract should be "basically very simple," Johnson said. He also warned of further Brexit chaos if the Labor party wins the election. "(Party leader Jeremy) Corbyn and the Labor Party want to go back to Brussels and negotiate for six months, then hold a referendum, along with all the poisoned and protracted traumas, and then act against their own deal."

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