BVB General Assembly: Watzke admits mistakes

Borussia Dortmund is holding on to days full of crisis meetings with coach Lucien Favre – at least for a week. At the general meeting on Sunday, BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke expressed his confidence to the coach. Lucien Favre sank in his plastic chair like a schoolboy on blame, the jolting speech by Watzke listened to the coach of Borussia Dortmund with a tortured smile. The announcement by the head of the club during the general meeting in the Westfalenhallen was more motivating than stern, but clear – Favre is facing a fateful week. His job is in the greatest danger.

"Dear Lucien, you still have our confidence," said Watzke after 40 turbulent hours in which as a result of the embarrassing 3: 3 (0-3) against SC Paderborn one crisis session had hunted the other. Immediately came the big but: "In the end, football is always about results defined We all wish that you and the team succeed in bringing about a turnaround." Translated: Does this succeed at FC Barcelona in the Champions League (Wednesday, 21: 00 clock) and Hertha BSC (Saturday, 15:30 clock) in the league not, it was for the Swiss after one and a half years. But especially the players, who were considered for their performance on Sunday with whistles and "shame on you!" – calls, are in the obligation. Watzke admits mistakes in the transfer policy "pull yourself together, tightens you and acts as that of Borussia is expected, "Watzke demanded with great applause from the only 767 members present:" You have to know as a team, that it is not done with words We are Borussia Dortmund – you have to see! " Captain Marco Reus agreed. He finally demanded again the willingness to "suffer from the beginning." Watzke had contrary to expectations not the rough cutlery chosen. "Billing is not our style," he said. Instead, the managing director implored the unity of the association with gentle severity, he campaigned for solidarity and never failed to clarify it. His self-criticism also came to the fore with the obligatory pea soup: "We should have signed a second number nine, which we do not have That was wrong. "The team assures that the messages have arrived. "We do not push the responsibility further, we on the field must be able to win such a game," said Reus. The cruel first half, in which the BVB had to auskontern like a student team, was "absolute shit" Weeks of fate for BVBThe weekend had begun turbulently. Watzke gathered his followers immediately after the final whistle to a crisis meeting, which ended only after midnight. For his part, Favre tried to turn things around with an instant analysis on the side of his lead players. On Saturday, sports director Michael Zorc announced: Favre remains. At least for a week. "Our situation is more than unsatisfactory," Zorc said about the "catastrophic performance" (BVB President Reinhard Rauball re-elected Sunday), "but we're going to play with Lucien Favre in Barcelona that we see a significant increase in performance. " This also applies to the game in Berlin – a Hansi Flick has the BVB just nicht.Weitere rest on Sunday there was the formschwachen young star Jadon Sancho. According to a report by the online sports portal "The Athletic" feels the 19-year-old "humiliated and stamped as a scapegoat". Sancho was replaced in the match at Bayern Munich before the international break (0: 4) after 36 minutes. has accompanied the general meeting in the live blog: +++ That's it +++ With the traditional singing of the club song ends the general meeting by Borussia Dortmund +++ women's team for BVB? +++ From the members comes the suggestion to create a women's football team in the club. Marketing boss Carsten Cramer takes the feedback and wants to pick up on the topic again next year. Rauball is rather skeptical because of the lack of economic efficiency. +++ Further Offices are filled +++ Fritz Lünschermann and Lothar Huber are also elected to the Council of Elders without a dissenting vote. Chairman remains Wolfgang Paul. The auditors are Günter Kutowski and Peter Noisten. +++ Rauball re-elected as President +++ As the last highlight of the General Assembly, the offices will be filled again. Rauball is confirmed as President with no dissenting votes with two abstentions and thus remains at the head of the club for three further years. He accepts the election "very much," explains the 72-year-old. +++ Board is relieved +++ Before it comes to the elections of the club superiors, further routine steps follow: The representatives from the business sector report their report and reported a conscientious cash audit. Shortly thereafter, the board is relieved by the members. +++ Rauball calls for an end to attacks on referees +++ At the conclusion of the sporting reports, President Rauball once again takes the floor: "Finally, I want to get rid of something that is close to my heart. We have heard a lot about aggression against referees. Take the influence that these attacks against referees do not continue, "he urges the members. +++ The team leaves the hall +++ After the speech of Hans-Joachim Watzke leaves the team after an hour again the Westfalenhalle. Again, the fans react split. Now the reports from the integration department and the treasurer follow. +++ Concilial words to the conclusion +++ At the end of his speech, the chairman emphasizes again the connecting elements in the association. Watzke counts on coach Lucien Favre in his speech. It was important to overcome the crisis of form and to give the team a certain stability again. "That's the job of the team, but also of you, Lucien, to get that back in. Lucien, you continue to have our confidence." But the Swiss will probably not get much time left: "But one thing is clear: in the end, football is always defined by results, and we all wish that Borussia Dortmund manage to turn things around for the better," said Watzke ++ Watzke admits errors in the cadre planning +++ The criticism of the supposedly lack of quality in the squad refuses the CEO. Nevertheless, he admits that he committed a serious mistake in the summer: "We should have committed a second number nine, we misjudged that, but we can not do more than that." +++ No turning away from the big goals +++ Watzke wants to change nothing in the future: "We want to do everything we can to become German Champion, Borussia Dortmund has to learn to be always ambitious, it can also be that it does not work that way But that does not mean that we have to give up our goals now in the cloakroom, and that has nothing to do with a lack of self-criticism. "+++ No settlement of Watzke +++ Watzke does not deliver the feared settlement. "Accounting is not the style of Borussia Dortmund, but calm, prudent and critical to analyze," he stresses. Nevertheless, he directed a clear message to the team, which is still sitting in the hall: "You are now required to follow action, because only by talking we do not get the results we want" +++ Watzke calls for more foresight +++ The sporty descent worried Watzke, although he is clearly positioned against short-term actionism: "Of course you are currently interested in other topics.The last two games were not good at all.But we must always as Borussia Dortmund one in mind Watzke criticizes fan behavior +++ Watzke also takes up the negative mood from the last Bundesliga match again: "Who pretends to be a BVB fan and then the goals of the opponent cheered, should simply leave our community, "said the club boss. He demanded that the club should never lose its solidarity even in difficult moments. +++ Watzke approaches the lectern +++ Now follows the long-awaited speech of the CEO, which begins with an appreciation for the work of the other departments. "This shows that Borussia Dortmund is more than the last Bundesliga match." +++ Tip against the rival +++ Jakob Scholz can not resist a tip to Gelsenkirchen during his report for the fan department. With regard to the completion of the fan and youth house, there is still no date, he explains. This will happen, however, "before the Blues next time German champion." At the same time he criticizes the partly sneering mood during the match against SC Paderborn. Such a thing is "poison for the community". +++ Reus can understand the reaction of the fans +++ For BVB captain Marco Reus the unconvincing reception of the trailer is not a big surprise. Before entering the hall, he already revealed a premonition: "We do not expect that we will be received with great applause, we must remain realistic, we are of course dissatisfied ourselves," the leader of the "Westfälische Anzeiger" is quoted +++ Whistles against the team +++ As previously announced, appears shortly after 12 clock, the professional team of the Dortmund in the Westfalenhalle. The arrival of the stars is recorded differently. Clear whistles mingle with restrained applause, in some cases there is even "Favre out" – shouts. Other fans chant "Shame on you". +++ More reports follow +++ According to the reports of BVB-Jugend, further departments give an account. First, the report from the table tennis department follows, then report the handball players. It continues with the descriptions of the fan support. +++ Annual report for the past financial year +++ The next item is the presentation of the annual reports on the agenda. Successively, representatives of the individual departments clarify the events in their areas. It starts with Wolfgang Springer, who describes the situation of the young BVB offspring. The successes can not be dismissed out of hand: The A youth of Borussia won last season for the third time in the last four years, the German U19 Championship. "More success is almost impossible," says Springer. +++ Rauball celebrates its anniversary +++ Rauball himself also receives an award, he has been a BVB member for 40 years. The hall paid tribute to the club boss with much applause. In 40 years as a member of the lawyer alone was president for 20 years. Today he wants to be confirmed in office. His re-election is considered safe. +++ Honors for the members +++ Before it goes into the analysis of the sporting and financial situation, Borussia Dortmund honors some members of the e.V. First, the deceased followers is thought. Then the fans, who celebrate their round club anniversary this year, receive an award. The honors take plenty of time. Several groups enter the stage one after the other and are congratulated personally. +++ Rauball opens the meeting +++ The BVB general assembly begins punctually in the Westfalenhalle. In his greeting, President Reinhard Rauball immediately indicates under which star the events stand: "Even on day two after the catastrophic performance of Friday, there is plenty of discussion need," he notes. However, the Bundesliga team is not the only topic on this day. The other divisions of the association will also be honored for their work. +++ What reactions does the team get? +++ For the pros of Dortmund today's event is a must. At about 12 o'clock the arrival of the team is expected. How is the team received by their own fans? +++ BVB soon to find a coach? +++ Lucien Favre in particular has come under pressure in recent weeks. In the coming games, the Swiss but probably remain coach of Borussia. But what happens if the crash of BVB continues? We have put together the trainee candidates at BVB. +++ Strong economic figures +++ While the sporting record is rather sobering, BVB stands financially well. A few days ago, Borussia announced a new contract with outfitter Puma. By 2028, the Dortmund earn by about 250 million euros. Economically, the club is prepared for the future +++ Sporting descent +++ The self-proclaimed championship candidate is just before the General Assembly in crisis. Even the start of the season did not go as hoped, now have the weak performances against Bayern (0: 4) and the SC Paderborn (3: 3) brought the barrel to overflow. Coach Lucien Favre is in the criticism, the fans last considered their own team several times with whistling concerts. How should it continue at BVB? +++ The agenda +++ At the General Assembly, the word contributions of the club bosses are again in the foreground today. President Reinhard Rauball and board member Hans-Joachim Watzke are expected to speak longer. There are also honors for deserving members and the election of some club officials. Rauball stands for re-election.

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