BVB: Hummels practices sharp self-criticism: "Blatant and play-crucial Fehlpass

Mats Hummels involuntarily played a major role in the 1: 3 defeat of BVB in the Champions League against FC Barcelona After the game, 30-year-old went into court with himself. "We had a very bad phase after losing 1-0, with lots of ball losses crowned by my bad pass before the 0-2 draw," Hummels commented after the defeat in Barcelona in the mixed zone, his mistake and the goal conceding the team into "a deep hole from which we unfortunately have not quite come out".

"It was a blatant and game-crucial failure," summed up the central defender. Such a mistake should not happen to him, stated the defense boss: "If you make such a mistake, then you lose here." And that hurts me extremely. "Hummels:" Messi the best that I have ever seen "All in all, Hummels saw from the black and yellow an upgradeable performance. "As for duty and morals, that was not so bad today, but not good enough to beat Barca," said Hummels, who saw "not a bad game" Dortmund, "but also not very good." While Hummels the The 30-year-old had a lot of praise for match-winner Lionel Messi, who did not want to "comment on" a surprising reserve role for Jadon Sancho. "He's in great shape, the best footballer I've ever seen, as he proves with so many little moves, with his eye, he can change direction so quickly and is so hard to stop," the center-back explained. Hummels said: "We do not have it in our own hands, it's a shame, we did not manage to do that, and of course we have to win against Prague and hope that Barca will put Lionel back, too if you are certainly first. "

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