Castle in Brandenburg: Baby alpaca disappeared from petting zoo

Wednesday, 27.11.2019
22:41 clock

They are cute, small and fluffy and now there is one thing to do: In Brandenburg Castle, the petting zoo of a hotel looks for its alpaca, which is only a few days old. The animal had disappeared and "until today not come back", was called in a Facebook post of the hotel. If you have important information, please send a message.


"Christinchen" was born last Monday and has light brown fur, according to a Facebook post by the hotel.

"We assume that Christinchen has been stolen," said the manager of the Landhotel Burg in the Spreewald, according to the news agency dpa and the editorial network Germany (RND). "Niederlausitz aktuell" reported, citing another search message from the hotel, that the mother is looking for her child.

  In the petting zoo are according to the hotel website next to alpacas and goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, emus, chickens, ostriches, guinea pigs and pot-bellied pigs. Children may feed them with appropriate feed.

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