Charmed: Original Stars Want to Turn Movie to Series

 For many, Charmed is considered an absolute cult series of the noughties. Now there are new rumors about the future of the three witch sisters. Two of the leading actresses have recently been together in front of the camera at Gray's Anatomy. Shortly thereafter, they even talked about a possible Charmed reunion. Here you can find out what plans the actresses have in the future.
Charmed – Magic Witches is about the three witch sisters Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano). For many enthusiastic fans, the series is a real cult hit. That's why Milano and Combs recently appeared in Gray's Anatomy. In a short appearance, we could catch a glimpse of the two as sisters. But soon they could return to their old cult roles. Because in an interview, the two recently said they want a Charmed reunion movie.
"Holly and I talk a lot about Charmed movies, we might want to do something for Netflix," Milano said in an interview with Access Daily. However, according to the media side The Wrap, such a proposal has not yet been received by Netflix. It seems rather that Milano and Combs have rather casual exchanges on the subject. The concrete steps were probably not taken to actually make the film. A Charmed Netflix movie is likely to be difficult because the rights to the series are in Warner. Probably the studio would rather offer the filming on its own streaming service HBO Max, which will appear soon.
The reason for the start, according to Milano, seems to be the "Charmed" reboot series of 2018, in which she is not involved: "There is the new Charmed, and that is a very different story, that felt like They only want to beat money, but do not want to continue the legacy. " The actress is obviously very interested in the cult status of Charmed. What would you think about a Charmed Reunion? Check out our player now to see the interview with Alyssa Milano. Simply click to start the video.

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