Cinema Charts Germany: The Top 10 from 04.11.2019

A Fack Ju Göhte Revival? The new comedy comedy The Perfect Secret brings back the three movie favorites Elyas M'Barek, Karoline Herfurth and Chantal actress Jella Haase together. Can you knock the Joker off the throne of the German Cinema Charts? It's no coincidence that director Bora Dagtekin has snatched the stars from the Fack Ju Göhte series for his new comedy The Perfect Secret. He himself had staged the successful streak and also scores points with his new film. His star competition is rewarded with the first place in the German Cinema Charts. The Joker has just behind it, but can defend itself against Maleficent 2 and The Addams Family. Only on rank 5 lands Terminator 6 – Dark Fate. Behind the Atlantic Ocean, Arnold Schwarzenegger's final action strip in the film series makes the leap to the top of the US cinema charts and also points the Joker to second position there.
The second newcomer of the week has to settle for sixth place. This year's seasonal horror movie Halloween Haunt lets Katie Stevens and Will Brittain experience the horror festival with their skin and hair. This is followed by the German musical film I Was Never Yet in New York with Heike Makatsch and Moritz Bleibtreu. The magical Elven adventure Bayala joins.
Almost at the bottom of the German cinema charts, we find a well-known returnee. Disney's long-running The king of lions soon starts for the home cinema, but still runs in the cinemas at full speed. The closing of the cinema charts is the child-friendly animation adventure Angry Birds 2, in which well-known figures and new birds go on an amusing piggy-hunt. We'll be saying goodbye to Will Smith's Gemini Man, Romance The Horizon So Close, and The Horror Remake Es – Chapter 2 below. Watch the trailers below for 1 to 10 in the video player below. Start it with just one click.


Three women. Four men. Seven phones. And the question: how well do we really know our loved ones? At a dinner honesty is discussed. Spontaneously, the friends decide to play a game. The perfect secret.


Gotham City in 1981: Arthur Fleck is confronted with his failure as a stand-up comedian. The setbacks in his life are piling up and his mental illness is always putting obstacles in his path. Joker.


A new threat is coming up and it is playing several years after the events in the first part. The enchanted moors are in great danger. New detailed trailer to Maleficent 2 – Powers of Darkness.


TRAILER: It is snapping again with your fingers! The Addams family is back and this time it gets even crazier than ever. Halloween 2019 will be really fun with The Addams Family.


The T-800 is back. He's aged a bit, as has Sarah Connor and her son. But the two are still dangerous. Here comes the new trailer for the sixth movie: Terminator: Dark Fate.


Some of the best horror writers have teamed up to whip you on Halloween for a new horror clown, the devil, a witch, and a gruesome ghoul. The trailer for Halloween Haunt.


The million-hit on German stages has now been adapted for the screen. Among others are Moritz Bleibtreu and Heike Makatsch. I have never been to New York.


KINOAdventureKinostart: 24.10.2019 Trailer

If the warring elven tribes join forces and the magical dragons return home, the salvation of Bayala may still be possible. Bayala – The magical Elven adventure.


HEIMKINOFamilyKinostart: 17.07.2019 Trailer

In 2019, Disney will bring the real-life adaptation of the classic The Lion King to the cinema. Behind the scenes, jungle book director Jon Favreau is responsible. Here are all the trailers and information about The Lion King 2019.


The second cinema adventure of the Angry Birds is waiting for you. And there is a surprising twist: pigs and birds have to work as a team! Here you can find the first trailer for the new movie. Angry Birds 2 – The Movie.


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