Cinema Charts Germany: The Top 10 from 25.11.2019

Disney sends its successful sisters into the race to conquer the German cinema charts. Whether Ice Queen 2 can ascend the throne, we'll tell you here. The Stephen King fabric Doctor Sleeps Awakening is also one of the top ten in the cinema. So, while DC's Joker breaks billions in box office earnings, Disney's Frozen 2 is a new blockbuster with high expectations. In 2013, the predecessor became an absolute crowd pleaser. The makers were rewarded at the time with more than 1.2 billion US dollars at the box office. Well presented, one should think so.
So it is not surprising that the Frozen 2 takes over the top of the cinema charts right off the bat. It also happens in the US and other countries. The German comedy The Perfect Secret is relegated to second place, ahead of Warner's Batman opponent, the Joker. The romantic Christmas movie Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke defends his good fourth rank, followed by racing actioner Le Mans 66 and horror comedy Zombieland 2.
The second newcomer of the week is Stephen King's Doctor Sleeps Awakening, in which Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson try to escape the horror. The follow-up to the cult shocker The Shining from 1980 takes position 7, ahead of the Turkish comedy Recep Ivedik 6 and Disney's sequel to Maleficent 2. It concludes with the animated version of the grim Addams Family.
This week we say goodbye to the action-ridden Terminator 6 – Dark Fate and the children's movie Angry Birds 2. Check out the trailers for places 1 to 10 in our video player. Start it with just one click.


KINOAdventureKinostart: 21.11.2019 Trailer

Just in time for the Christmas season, the most successful animated film of all time will finally be continued. Here comes the new, exciting trailer for Disney's 2nd Ice Frozen Adventure. The Frozen 2.


Three women. Four men. Seven phones. And the question: how well do we really know our loved ones? At a dinner honesty is discussed. Spontaneously, the friends decide to play a game. The perfect secret.


Gotham City in 1981: Arthur Fleck is confronted with his failure as a stand-up comedian. The setbacks in his life are piling up and his mental illness is always putting obstacles in his path. Joker.


The movie to the song of George Michael. He tells the story of the song with many funny moments and star cast: Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson. The trailer for Last Christmas.


Motorsport is a world of its own in the 1950s, when engineers and designers try to outdo each other with their new works. Christian Bale and Matt Damon in the trailer for Le Mans 66 – Against Any Chance.


Now the four zombie killers spread their ingenious-comic chaos from the vastness of America to the White House. The third German trailer is here. Zombieland 2: Double Keeps Better.


The horror does not pause. The story of Danny Torrance continues, 40 years after his dreadful stay at the Overlook Hotel in Shining. Here comes the trailer to the shocker. Doctor Sleeps awakening.


Recep and his best friend end up in Kenya, rather than in Turkish Konya, due to a misunderstanding with the travel agency. Watch the trailer for the sixth movie fun of the film series: Recep Ivedik 6.


A new threat is coming up and it is playing several years after the events in the first part. The enchanted moors are in great danger. New detailed trailer to Maleficent 2 – Powers of Darkness.


TRAILER: It is snapping again with your fingers! The Addams family is back and this time it gets even crazier than ever. Halloween 2019 will be really fun with The Addams Family.


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