Collie Ulmen-Fernandes used to be afraid of shrill sounds

Thursday, 21.11.2019
07:40 clock

Colleagues Ulmen-Fernandes earlier scared certain sounds: The actress and presenter was afraid of shrill tones as a primary schoolchild. The 38-year-old told this during the charity event "Tribute to Bambi" in Baden-Baden.


"I was terrified of feedback," she said. For a long time she did not know why – until a psychologist found out: That's the time in the incubator. "I was born premature," she said.

In the womb children are rather used to muffled sounds, shrill tones hurt children born prematurely because of this. In the meantime, she does not notice it anymore.

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Collies elms Fernandes:
Born premature

  Today, she is supporting a project designed to help little preemies. As part of a music therapy, preemies dull sounds are played. They sound like in the womb and should cover shrill tones.

Meanwhile, Ulmen-Fernandes works as a writer and columnist and campaigns against gender clichés. The former Viva presenter is the wife and colleague of Christian Ulmen, with whom she has a daughter.

  Being a mother moved children's projects more, said the 38-year-old. She was glad that her daughter was not born too early. "It looked like that for a while, but luckily she changed her mind," she said.

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