DHL wants to conquer US market with electric post cars from StreetScooter

Tuesday, 26.11.2019
00:52 clock

One city per coast – this is the first step for StreetScooter in the USA. Already in the spring of 2020, the DHL subsidiary intends to launch its electric delivery vehicles in the USA as well. Large-scale vehicles could then be established in 2022 or 2023, said StreetScooter chief developer Ulrich Stuhec.


Specifically, however, the company was not yet in the question of which two cities the project should start now. But the swipe of the competition, such as Amazon, FedEx or UPS, are very clear: "We have the most experience on the road, while others are still working on their prototypes," said Stuhec recently.

In fact, according to the Reuters news agency, around 12,000 StreetScooters are already on the road in Europe, including 10,000 in the DHL parcel service. They travel among others in Amsterdam, Vienna and cities throughout Germany.

  According to a DHL spokesman, the Group subsidiary not only aims to score as a vehicle manufacturer, but also in the construction of a charging infrastructure and in organizing a reuse of used vehicle batteries involved.


Besides the US, the company also has an eye on the Chinese market. The manufacturer and the car maker Chery Holding Group plan to develop and produce together electric commercial vehicles for China and possibly also other countries, as the German post office communicated in September.

  This included local manufacturing and procurement as well as nationwide sales and service. The plan is a gradual entry into the market, for 2021 series production with production capacity of up to 100,000 electric vehicles is planned annually. Perspectively, one would expect a total investment of up to 500 million euros.

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