Disney Plus: Start of the new streaming service in Germany

 In a few days, Disney's new Disney + streaming service will be launched in the United States. When the offer will be available in Europe, so far only speculated. Now, however, the company finally announced the launch date for many European countries. With Disney +, the mouse group wants to get into the streaming business. In order to be able to offer Netflix and Co a go, series were produced in a big way. In addition to Disney + productions such as Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar films, the next few years various remakes and series will be released on Disney +. It starts with the first live action series in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian. Especially for Star Wars fans it should be interesting when Disney + will be available in Germany. But Marvel series such as Hawkeye, Loki, The Falcon, Winter Soldier and WandaVision will also be seen at Disney + in the coming years.
Now Disney has announced via the short message service Twitter, when the in-house streaming service comes to Europe. The announcement concerned the countries Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. There, the streaming service will be available from March 31, 2020. In the future, however, other countries are announced, which can be received from April 2020 Disney +. Along with the announcement, it was suggested that the content of the streaming service may vary from region to region. But that probably means license titles, the own productions, like The Mandalorian are expected to be seen here as well.
How much a subscription to Disney + in Germany will cost is still unclear. In America, it costs $ 6.99 per month, which is equivalent to a price of € 6.34. This makes Disney + significantly cheaper than competitor Netflix. At the latest on the 31st of March we will find out, if the price is lower than in Germany.

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