Does Manchester United intervene with Kai Havertz?

Thanks to his partly outstanding performances for Bayer Leverkusen, youngster Kai Havertz has long been on the wish lists of many top European clubs. Now, the next cash-strapped prospect seems to be knocking and preparing a concrete offer. According to a report by the "Mirror", the English record champion Manchester United is ready to put 80 million pounds for Havertz on the table. This corresponds to the equivalent of around 93 million euros. Whether this sum would be enough to give the 20-year-old from Leverkusen is questionable.

Bayer CEO Fernando Carro recently flirted with a record break and compared his protégé to Joao Felix, who moved from SL Benfica to Atlético Madrid this summer for € 126m. Anyhow, it will be difficult for ManUnited to switch from one to Havertz to convince the troubled Red Devils. After all, the list of alleged interested parties is long and quite prominently stocked. Among others, FC Bayern, Liverpool FC, Manchester City and FC Barcelona have the midfielder on the radar haben.Havertz 'working paper in Leverkusen is still running until 2022. That he fulfills this contract, is considered extremely unlikely. The youngster himself dares the leap into foreign countries apparently quite: "I think that I have enough international experience in Leverkusen collected," he told the Spanish newspaper "Marca". "I know the rhythm of these international games and am convinced that I could change abroad at any time and survive at a club outside of Germany." He can gain further experience in the upcoming group match in the Champions League, if Havertz and his club on Wednesday evening (from 21:00) against Atlético Madrid are required.

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