Dresden: Burglary into the Green Vault – Police Moves Out

Monday, 25.11.2019
09:35 clock

In Dresden's Treasury Green Vault has been broken in early Monday morning. The burglary concerns the historical part of the valuable collection, police said.


The amount of damage is therefore still unclear. The rooms of the museum are actually strictly secured. Details about the previous investigation, the investigators want to announce later in the day.

The "Bild" newspaper reports that the damage should go into the millions. Allegedly, the criminals stole historical jewelry, diamonds and other gems. Previously, they allegedly shutting off the power supply to the Green Vault by setting a power box under a bridge on fire. There is no confirmation from the investigators yet.

  The Treasury was commissioned by Saxony's Elector Augustus the Strong between 1723 and 1730. Today it is presented in two sections: The historical part is located on the ground floor of the Residenzschloss in the restored rooms of the collection. One floor up the New Green Vault shows unique pieces.

One of the most valuable pieces of the Green Vault is currently being exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York – the Green Diamond. The hat jewel with the unique stone of 41 carats and natural coloring is considered the most spectacular loan from the exhibition "Making Marvels: Science and Splendor at the Courts of Europe" of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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