DuckTales: This is the new title song of the series

 Since mid-November, the thrilling new adventures of season two DuckTales are on the Disney Channel. Also this year the popular heroes from Entenhausen get musical support from superstar Mark Forster. The prominent singer and songwriter, who has been a big DuckTales fan since childhood, has been thrilled with his reinterpretation of the "Woo-Hoo" Cult intro for Donald, Dagobert and all their feathered friends last year. At the beginning of Advent, the Disney Channel surprises its fans with a new winter version of the DuckTales theme song! Once again, Mark Forster proves that he does not just master a style of music. The new version of the intro brings with snowflakes and jazz sounds a touch of winter magic in the living room. The song can not only be heard in front of all the episodes that are shown daily at 6 pm on the Disney Channel, but also to be found here in our player.

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