EM ticket victory in quick check: DFB football pitchers steal their way to the European Championships

              Jogi Löws demanded robustness shows the DFB-Elf in victory over Belarus only partially. After all, the demanded "football pitch mentality" flashes through here and there, and in the second half the Belarussian bulwark is finally broken.
              What happened The German national football team has solved the ticket for the European Championship 2020. And even 4: 0 (1: 0) won. Sounds like dominance, strength. After tough assertiveness, the national coach Jogi Löw had demanded extra before the game? Well, maybe in isolation. Of course, the DFB team also had some failures to complain about and had to set up again. After all, Jonas Hector, Nico Schulz, Jonathan Tah, Leon Goretzka, Matthias Ginter and Toni Kroos were there again. The Gladbacher Ginter was also allowed to play as defense boss before the home crowd. A bright spot in a national team that wanted a lot, but – especially in the first half – often did not find the right key for the beleaguered Belorussian gate. In the second half, although rarely more robustness in the German game came on. There were more goals for that. Had in the 42nd just local hero Ginter hit (hoe!), So were allowed a little later Goretzka (49th), and twice Kroos (55th, 83rd) ran. Also the German number one, Manuel Neuer, was able to collect points in a duel with Barcelona's Marc-André ter Stegen: The Bayern keeper held a penalty caused by Robin Koch (75). Above all, of course, the qualifiers for the European Championship 2020. Thanks to the draw of the Dutch in Northern Ireland, the DFB-Elf even climbed to first place in the group and has on Tuesday (20.45 / RTL and Liveticker on against the Nordiren the group victory in their own hands. But: With all cheers should not be forgotten that the DFB-Elf once again hinted at their potential, but also showed known weaknesses. The rejuvenation process started too late by Jogi Löw still needs a lot of work and … uh, robustness.What else happened in the stadium? The hobby philosophers of the national team's fanclub had placated again. They sat on the north stand of the Borussia Park in Mönchengladbach district Rheindahlen-Land, ie where else the fans of the league leaders of the Bundesliga are. This time there was a choreography that we could not interpret with the best of intentions: "All dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them!" That too leaves a lot of room for interpretation. If you have any ideas, please send an email to [email protected] The brass band did not necessarily provide the right mood in the stands. (Photo: imago images / MIS) As expected, the stadium with its 46,291 seats at international games was not nearly sold out. The upper rank in the south was almost completely empty. And even the first appearance of the Big Band on the Dutch model in the north did not cause any real atmosphere either. How about that is on a cold November evening in a rather less exciting game against a counterparty inferior goodness. Where the outfit of the music combo looked very interesting, it reminded a little of stapled fur cutlets. After all, those who keep up with the very hard-working and also superior DFB-Elf were allowed to cheer a few times. After a good hour, some of the 33,164 spectators even tried a wave. At temperatures of two degrees above zero, that was not the worst idea. Teams & Goals Goals: 1: 0 Ginter (41), 2: 0 Goretzka (49.), 3: 0 Kroos (55.), 4: 0 Kroos ( 83.) Germany: New – Klostermann, Ginter, Koch, Schulz – Kimmich, Kroos – Goretzka, Gundogan, Gnabry (84. Waldschmidt / 90 + 1 Rudy) – Werner (68 Brandt) Belarus: Gutor – Matveychik, Martynovich, Naumov, Polyakov – Kovalev (78th Skavysh), Dragun, Maevski, Nekhajchik (84th Bessmertny) – Stasevich, Laptev (68th Lisakovich) Referee: Orel Grinfeld (Israel) Spectator: 33.164The most robust movie since Rambos return2. Minute: Timo Werner shows that he has listened to the coach. A first graduation attempt, in which he uses his body robust. But his shot is exactly the opposite of the use of the body.12. Minute: "German virtues" had demanded Oliver Bierhoff, in addition to the robustness and a "football pitch mentality". Ilkay Gündogan shows how it works. Bolzplatzmäßig he can get off with his fine hack pass on Lukas Klostermann equal to two Belarusians. The Leipzig man finds his colleague teammate Timo Werner. However, his header is also a football pitch: header can there namely the least.13. Minute: If someone stands for resilience, then Manuel Neuer. The goalkeeper undercuts in the best Neuer-style a counterattack, by intercepting just once at the midline a ball. Indestructible. Löw has to be proud. Serge Gnabry is exemplary after the football field-one-on-one to 1: 0. (Photo: imago images / Jan Huebner) 17th Minute: After a loss of the ball on the sixteenth of the Belarusians storm directly three DFB kickers on the ball leading and conquer the ball back. Early pressing and high start is also robustness, Goretzka had declared before the game. Then even Kroos, who is otherwise only known for pinpoint playing, leads a duel so vehemently that he could almost pass as an aggressive leader. His graduation is (still!) Too harmless. Only three minutes later, the man from Real Madrid continues to approach and, after all, hits the left-hand outside net with a gunshot. Minute: Cross from the field of Goretzka on Serge Gnabry, which starts in the depth of the sixteen. With the head of the Munich puts directly on Werner. The Leipzig player is free in front of the goal, but his header passes. If he had gambled more on the football pitch back then, he would have chased the ball into the corner by throwing it back.40. Minute: Umschaltsituation for Germany, but dirty fit. All of a sudden, no one here plays more robust, some even remain lamenting, while the Belorussians counter. Stasevich comes to a conclusion and forces Neuer to Kahn-Übergreif-Glanzparade. Thereafter, Tohuwabohu continues in the German penalty area until Klostermann finally clears the ball. Two-in-a-class leadership looks different.41. Minute: GATE FOR GERMANY, 1: 0 Ginter. Ironically, the Gladbacher in his home stadium. Gnabry goes into the penalty area-one-on-one right in the penalty area and fits hard on Ginter in the middle. The new defensive boss turns on his own axis and hits with the Bolzplatz hoe to his first international goal. But: The Gladbacher is offside. But there is no VAR, bad luck for Belarus, luck for Germany. Minute: GATE FOR GERMANY, 2: 0 Goretzka. Finally, after a corner. Kroos leads quickly, Ginter tricked through, Goretzka pulls off directly: His shot strikes flat in the left corner of the goal. Minute: GATE FOR GERMANY, 3: 0 Kroos. Goretzka actually sells a ball, but Ginter relies robust, goes into a duel and remains on the ball. About Klostermann the ball comes back to Ginter, who drops fix on Kroos. His casual direct shot lands in the right corner of the goal. Finally purposeful. Defender Ginter may write half of the hit for his Robustness account. But it could have been again offside, because Werner was in the trajectory of the ball and offside. Manuel Neuer holds the penalty against Belarus. (Photo: imago images / Nordphoto) 61 minutes: Nico Schulz wants to show that he too has listened to the coach and how robust it really is. The ball he can no longer win in a duel but he unpacks the elbow. Belarusian Kovalev remains dazed at first, but can continue then. 73 minutes: Belarus flashes its own resistance skills. After a header opportunity a few minutes earlier, it will be dangerous again in front of the German goal. Nekaychik is simply unlocked. Defense Robustness looks different. Degree from 16 meters, but too central in Neuers Arme.75. Minute: Penalty and yellow for Koch. Belarus combined around the sixteen, the DFB kicker offer only escorts. Nekhaychik finally shows up in front of Neuer, Koch remembers the robustness motto and steps into the legs of Belarussians. New shows but what means toughness and scratched the penalty by Stasevich from the left corner.83. Minute: GATE FOR GERMANY, 4: 0 Kroos. Substitute Julian Brandt crosses from the left side of the box to Gündogan on the right, who drops to Kroos. In best Bolzplatzmanier this turns and takes the ball with the sole. Another body shuffle and then wriggles the dry left-foot shot in the right corner of the net. Whether Kroos rehearsed that time with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real, has not yet been conveyed.Here's the Spielbericht.Was was good? You know that. At least from the F-youth. All men to the ball. And then it gets tight. Many legs, little space. Now the Belarusians – so please do not come up with any misunderstandings – of course not played as an F-youth. After all, they have Manuel Neuer forced to a very nice show (40th) and then still its frontman in a small, but very dangerous embarrassment (40.). And yet the Eastern Europeans mainly used the tactical means of compacting small spaces through multi-leggedness. Until the break, that was fine – we were inclined to write. But then defender Matthias Ginter conjured the ball by hoe into the goal. To the leadership. That succeeded because the DFB team had rushed forward (a) quickly and (b) pass-safe. In this combination for the first time. Otherwise they were either (a) only fast or (b) only pass-safe. With this leadership, the Belarusian bulwark then collapsed. During the break, the suddenly porous defense cement could not be massaged. The offensively as well as defensively robust – an important learning objective of the DFB guys – Leon Goretzka took advantage of that. And also the extremely enthusiastic Toni Kroos. First an exaggerated casual conclusion to 3: 0 and then with a Sohlenstreichler who led to 4: 0. What was not good? Oh, what is the nagging. Nothing was really that bad. Save the mood. But you know that. Sure, Nico Schulz made a couple of runs on the left side to nothing. Sure, Ilkay Gündogan was just over the nitty gritty on the ball before the Belarusian double chance. Sure, the fit was especially in the first half and there in the dangerous zones rather like that. And only a goal from 22 shots are not magnificent now. Sure, the Belarusians had in the second half from German point of view, too many times too much space. And, of course, Koch's foul on the penalty was just stupid. Good that Manuel Neuer played. Whereby Marc-André ter Stegen would certainly have had. But we do not want to open a barrel here. And that's just the way it is: small-volume compression with multi-leggedness, patient, but not uninhibited, inspiring or euphoric Anrennen, no competitive edge and a very cold November evening. Main thing the EM ticket solved. Everything done right. However, even those who were not in the stadium. The tweet of the game

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