Engine Injection Dumps ?: How Ferrari Must Have Fooled

              Tuesday, 05. November 2019

              After weeks of dominance Sebastian Vettel and the Scuderia lubricate the Formula 1 GP in the USA. Because the failure is based on a technical directive of the Motorsport World Federation, Ferrari gets into explanation. Did the Italians swindle to more power for their engine?
              The allegations of the competition against Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari racing team weigh heavily. Have the Italians in Formula 1 for a long time by a trick in the gasoline injection into the engine gives a decisive advantage? Exactly that put at least Red Bull driver Max Verstappen after the US Grand Prix on the weekend close and accused the Scuderia open fraud. Verstappen attacked the rival from Italy in an interview with the Dutch TV station Ziggo and said: "You get that, if you have to stop cheating." What Verstappen said: After weeks of dominance, Ferrari suddenly lacked speed in the US. The strong engine did not seem to be able to produce the power as before. Six consecutive Vettel team had previously taken the pole position, in Austin Valtteri Bottas was in the Mercedes in front and won the race superior. While Vettel retired early, his teammate Charles Leclerc had great problems keeping up with the Silver Arrows. Spicy: The Motorsport World Association had the teams in a so-called technical directive pointed out that certain methods are prohibited to distort measurements on the engine. This should have been preceded by a request calculated by Red Bull. "I'm not surprised at all," Verstappen said at a press conference on the question of Ferrari's poor performance at the GP in the United States, pointing out that the Scuderia could no longer run because they were forced to make a difference .So Ferrari should have cheated That's the point: Ferrari should have fetched allegedly more power from its own engine with a trick. This should have been possible by an increased gasoline flow to the engine, but as such could not be detected by the corresponding meter. It is a highly complex technical matter, which now provides much fuel under the racing teams. That Verstappen attacked Ferrari in public, prompted Leclerc turn turn to a small outburst at a media meeting. He has no idea because he is not in our team, "said two-time season winner from Monaco:" We know what we're doing, I do not know why he says that, he knows nothing . " While Vettel was silent in Austin, Texas, team boss Mattia Binotto defended the allegedly innocent traditional team. "These comments are completely wrong, they are not good for the sport, and everyone should be a bit more careful," said Binotto, who denied his team misconduct and was "very disappointed" about the allegations. "Top speed unlike in previous races" In the paddock, however, it was noticeable that the Ferrari cars were slower on the straights compared to the previous weeks. "We looked at the data, their top speed is very different than in the last race," said Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff. What this really is, but he could not say specifically and did not want to participate in cheating allegations. Currently, statement against statement, a violation of the rules could not be determined so far. In the last two races of the season in just under two weeks in Brazil and the end of the month in Abu Dhabi on the track but quickly show whether Vettel and Leclerc again find to old strength – or maybe a little more behind the allegations.

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