Fantastic Beasts 3: More Hogwarts in the sequel

 In Grindelwald's crime, Harry Potter fans returned to Hogwarts. In the third part you want to concentrate even more on the magic school and Dumbledore. Fans may look forward to some familiar faces. Here you can learn all the new information about Fantastic Beasts 3. The Harry Potter offshoot Fantastic Beasts 3 had some teething problems. It has recently become known that filming will officially begin in spring 2020. Incidentally, they also revealed some exciting locations that await fans. After New York and Paris, the journey is now to Rio de Janeiro. Variety reports that the Brazilian city should not become the main venue. Instead, we discover even more of Hogwarts in the third part of the spin-off.
The reason for this decision is the failure of the second film. Grindelwald's crime was about $ 150 million less import, as the first part. In order to shoot a total of five films, it must not be missing fan highlights. And the popular magic school Hogwarts is of course ideally suited for this. Already in the second part we saw the later headmaster Albus Dumbledore in his younger years. For his actor Jude Law many viewers had high praise. In Part 3 he will now be among the main characters.
In addition to new locations, an improved script should bring fresh wind into the film series. Especially for Grindelwald's crime it hailed at that time criticism of the many story weaknesses. Star author Steve Kloves will be brought back on board. Kloves is responsible for the scripts of almost every Harry Potter movie. Now he is J.K. Rowling to the side to resolve the many storylines in Part 2. In the actor's cast, much remains the same. Among others, Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston and Johnny Depp remain with Jude Law in the series. Fantastic Beasts 3 is scheduled for release on November 12, 2021.
Source: Variety

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