"Farmer seeks a wife": love goes through the stomach

              Monday, November 18, 2019
                From Kai Butterweck

              Today on the "farmer looking for a woman" menu: barbecue with great aunt Dora, crab coils with horse-fool Burkhard and ice-cream spoons with Kugelblitz Jürgen.
              Showmaker Conny really gave it all. Creeping blue eyes, hot pants when mucking out and no argument in the presence of the farmer: countless farmers from Kiel to Munich would have sold for a unique Conny-cuddling probably house and farm. Not so fleet Proll Michael. The Hitzlsperger clone and passionate chimney piece, the limitless bondage increasingly hits the stomach. And that's how Connie's alleged love trip ends in the arms of Hof-Papa Werner. Great Aunt Dora hits the table Welcome back, Carina! (Photo: TVNOW) Sobbing, the Bavarian looks for space and makes room for the initially sorted out Carina. In terms of joy of reunion, however, Michael lets him fidget – much to the delight of Great Aunt Dora. The meaty grill master immediately hits Carina's side: "I do not want to experience any further disappointment", Dora rumbles towards Michael. Yes, another love turn should better stop the heartbreaker. Otherwise, he will someday not only without Herzdame, but also without a great aunt da.Ob Riesenbauer Thomas has an edgy great aunt, we do not know. What the bearded North Rhine Westphalian but definitely en masse has to offer, is fresh cow's milk. In the early morning, Thomas surprises his frightened Carina with half a liter of his award-winning farm elixir. So much affection and warmth of heart, the new woman in the life of the deeply relaxed peasant but also badly needed. Carina comes out as an injured soul, and wishes Thomas much time and trust. With this wish list, she is at the right place at the Prince Valium of this year's season.Rudi and Christina on the fast laneWith peace and cosiness you are more at war on other farms. Far away in Paraguay, Farmer Rudi and his Christina are in the fast lane from morning to night. Fun with oxen and bulls, outdoor simmering and evening back-riding for head-over-experts: the clock never stands still in the heart of the Mennonite settlement. When crabs become the love killer: Burkhard and Tanja. (Photo: TVNOW) Also with alpaca breeder Henry, Ostfriesen farmer Burkhard and bicycle nerd Kai the mail goes off uninterruptedly. While the first named surprised his chosen Viennese Sabine on the first evening with a hearty barbecue party, Burkhard and Tanja commute back and forth in Ostfriesland between cordless screwdriver ecstasy and crabbing fun. At Hofer Kai in Hesse, the Hofweek begins similarly turbulent. After a never-ending combine tour, Kai and his Philine are still riding their bikes for kilometers over hill and dale.Boil soup and discounter ice cream With so much pink actionism in beautiful Thuringia, there's nothing wrong with it. At Kugelblitz Jürgen and his Kerstin everything is already in the towel. After the early departure of Quengel-Queen Maggy, the two widowed lovers only deal with the beautiful things in life. In the flickering torchlight, discounter ice melts under a wobbly coat of bubbling eggnog. Between hearty kettle broth and sugar-sweet opulence desserts, two loving hearts throb in the same bar. That's how it works. On Jürgen and Kerstin! "Bauer sucht Frau" is always available on TVNOW More information about the program is also available at

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