FCB against BVB in quick check: The dominant liberation of Bayern

              Crisis at Bayern? No more! In the Bundesliga top match, the Munich dismantle the frighteningly weak Borussia from Dortmund. Uli Hoeneß thinks of eternity, Lucien Favre criticizes his players. Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller are breaking records.
              What happened? FC Bayern Munich won a football match. So very soberly considered. But because it was the top game of the eleventh matchday of the Bundesliga, and also Borussia Dortmund's opponent, that is so difficult to consider soberly. Especially since the fans of the record champion in the closing stages of success drunk vocals, which had not sounded at all this season in the Munich Arena. Because the 4: 0 (1: 0) victory of the Red on the black and yellow was just not just a football game. But the meeting of two teams, which so far only rarely meet their requirements. That was only true for a team this November evening, for Lucien Favre. The coach of the Dortmunder stated after the whistle in "Sky" briefly: "We were not good." That is, soberly considered, factually correct. Quite different is the Munich, who in the second game n.N.K. (after Niko Kovac) and in the last game u.P.U.H. (under President Uli Hoeneß) showed an impressive performance. Interim coach Hansi Flick seems to have abolished the defensive approach that the team under Kovac often showed. Instead, early pressing, a lot of pressure and a consistent game forward. But without losing sight of the defense: The games against Piraeus (2: 0) and now against Dortmund were the first two games without conceding since mid-September. "That was a demonstration from the first to the last minute," Hoeneß stated, even adding: "This game will be remembered forever." By the way, here's our match report! Teams & GoalsMünchen: Neuer – Pavard, Martinez, Alaba , Davies – Kimmich, Goretzka (72nd Thiago) – Gnabry (70th Coutinho), Müller, Coman (75th Perisic) – Lewandowski. – Coach: FlickDortmund: Bürki – Hakimi, Hummels, Akanji, Schulz – Witsel, Weigl (61st Alcacer) – Sancho (36th Gurreiro), Brandt, Hazard – Götze (61st Reus). – Coach: FavreSchiedsrichter: Felix Zwayer (Berlin) Goals: 1: 0 Lewandowski (17), 2: 0 Gnabry (47th, according to video evidence), 3: 0 Lewandowski (76), 4: 0 Hummels (80th, Own goal) Spectators: 75,000 (sold out) Yellow cards: Coman, Kimmich (4) – ReusThe highlights in feature film39. Second: Bürki averts the early shock. Thomas Müller, who has been honored by his club for 500 competitive games before kick-off, is in the lead and Robert Lewandowski has the free way to the goal. But not the ball that would be important to achieve the 15th Bundesliga goal on Matchday 11. By the way, only Gerd Müller succeeded in the past. But this ball clears Bürki with force. Important, because last Dortmund went down in Munich in all regularity. 17 minutes: TOO BORDER FOR FC BAYERN, 1: 0 Robert Lewandowski: FC Lewandowski goes through Robert Bay, uh, no. Once again. Goal for Bayern by Robert Lewandowski, so it fits. The BVB gets the ball once, twice and three times not far enough away from their own goal. And then Lewandowski does what a world-class striker does. Benjamin Pavard raises the ball from the right side of the box into the middle, where the man who is wearing the white number nine on his red jersey is completely free. And beheads unmolested by the black and yellow defense. No one could have guessed that Lewandowski .. oh, that Lewandowski met with it in every Bundesliga match.27. Minute: BVB coach Lucien Favre is dissatisfied. Dortmund is too slow too often, runs behind. So again. Again Lewandowski, this time as a preparer. His sharp cross but remains inconsequential. However, this also applies to any Dortmund attack efforts so far. But there is no (classic) attacker in the field.33. Minute: Movement at the BVB Bank. Rafael Guerreiro gets ready. And comes a little later for Jadon Sancho, who was last struck. Disappointed with his replacement, Sancho does not seem to. He did not seem to be fit.38. Minute: If Lewandowski does not hit himself, the gate does not count. The official reason being that Serge Gnabry was clearly offside, Lewandowski hit the ball uncleanly and therefore did not score, but scored to Gnabry.45. Minute: Yes, that counts. So as a shot on goal. Free kick Guerreiro on the far post, there spits out Witsel the ball out. The best thing about the Dortmund appearance in the first half is that there was only one goal. 47th minute, TOOOOR FOR FC BAYERN, 2: 0 SERGE GNABRY: As I said. If Lewandowski does not score, the goal does not count. At least it seems that way first. Bayern counter, Muller's cross missed Lewandowski, Gnabry pushes. Müller's 100th Assist in the Bundesliga. The jubilee lights of Munich go to, but also the flag of the referee assistant high. Suspicion: Away. A short time later, the suspicion is eliminated thanks to video evidence – and the gate counts. The fans of both teams greet then with well-known chants the German Football Association.61. Minute: Marco Reus comes, Paco Alcácer comes. In the hope of bringing to life the non-existent offensive of BVB.69. Minute: a miracle! That is, almost. A chance to score for Borussia Dortmund. Alcácer can not bring the ball on goal. But at least Manuel Neuer is awake again. Flick reacts promptly and brings Philippe Coutinho.76. Minute, TOO BORDER FOR FC BAYERN, 3: 0 Robert Lewandowski: This time there are no discussions. Lewandowski puts the ball under the ball for the 23rd time this season, for the 16th time in the Bundesliga. Of course that counts. Another argument: Müller prepares to take a quick look at the statistic sheet – 101st time .78. Minute: Almost the 4: 0. Enter Müller, graduating Ivan Perisic. Had not counted for reasons already mentioned.79. Minute, GOO FOR FC BAYERN, 4: 0 Mats Hummels: Okay, that's the way it works. Hummels tries to prevent Thiago's graduation. However, it sinks the cross by Perisic even in the gate. As an ex-Munich, the "Nur-Lewandowski-matches" seem to be no longer valid for him.90 + 2 minutes: The final whistle. Joy with both teams. At FC Bayern on the clear victory and the return of an almost lost strength. At Borussia Dortmund that the game is finally over. Who was good? As if he had guessed, Thomas Müller masked the "5" on the gingerbread heart, which he received for 500 official matches at FCB. Because the two zeros are also good for the number 100th Because so many Bundesliga scores supplied Müller so far, shortly before the end even his 101st (Photo: imago images / Lackovic) Thomas Müller. No one had played 100 assists since data collection started. Now: Müller namely. The man, who received a gingerbread heart with the number 500 for the same amount of matches in the Bayern dress before the match, put up a goal for a teammate in the 47th minute for the 100th time. And in the 76th minute then for the 101st time. And, of course, Robert Lewandowski. A quick look at the statistics is enough, because sometimes numbers say more than a thousand words. 23 goals in 18 competitive games. 16 Bundesliga goals after eleven games are new records, the old belonged to a certain Gerd Müller. Holds Lewandowski this absurd quota, he stands after 34 matchdays at 49 goals. Müller's record? 40th To get the according to Flick "best striker in the world" his hits 17 and 18 against the club, from which he moved in 2014 to Munich. In 301 Bundesliga games there are now 218 goals, fourth place in the eternal ranking. To Jupp Heynckes (220 in 369) Lewandowski missing probably a maximum of 180 minutes. What was good? The football of Bayern. Determined to the goal and consistently in the final. Benefits certainly of a weak Borussia, but just your own game idea even convincingly presented. Or as Apparently-more-than-just-interim-trainer Flick noted: His players had "shown today that they can celebrate football too". His world-class attacker, he advised in the face of his madness series, the inescapable groin operation to delay a little: "He has such a run, I would think so too." Although his advice was to be treated with caution, as he immediately afterwards emphasized: "But I have never had such a run." What was still good? The VfL Bochum. This is the only opponent of Bayern this season, who received no results from Robert Lewandowski. Dortmund prevented that in the Supercup, but not today. What was bad? Borussia Dortmund. Clear question, clear answer. Only one chance to score. The rest was summed up by Lucien Favre in the "Sky" interview. "We were not scared," he said. And criticized: "Many players were not there." What was the Bayern better? "Ball possession, first ball acceptance, they were much faster than us." Conclusion: "Incredible, it was very weak of us." Sports director Michael Zorc had called for "men's football". Little tactics, a lot of effort. What did he see? "It was not football at all." In addition: "In principle, we have missed everything." No further questions.What was amusing? Uli Hoeneß in an interview with "Sky". When he recapitulated the game, he said the team had been in charge. So to deliver sporty after the sometimes meager football food of the past few weeks. Because she knows that "the Jupp" is no longer there. So Heynckes. Hoeneß quickly noticed his slip of the tongue and pushed a "Niko", the Kovac, behind. So it was in the stadium clear, when the BVB comes, then the mood in Munich is always good. Would be too bad if not. For if Bayern meets Borussia from Dortmund, then the two teams will always play the most important matches of each Bundesliga season. Regardless of the table positions. Incidentally, before the kick-off of this top match on the eleventh matchday, the places were six (FC Bayern) and five (Borussia Dortmund). While the guests with the powerful mood brightener from the rather furious Champions League success against Inter Milan (3: 2) arrived, prevailed at the hosts after the premier class victory against Olympiakos Piraeus (2: 0) a little disagreement over the evaluation of Power. While the players were very pleased, there were unmistakable whistles in the stadium. Hansi Flick, interim coach with prospects for more, could not understand the displeasure of the followers. Sure, they were used to more spectacle in Munich, but a sovereign performance without conceding, that was after the susceptibility weeks but what, or not? It's been 50 years since the first double of Munich club history. In 1969, the FCB won the first time in the same year championship and DFB Cup. (Photo: imago images / Michael Weber) In Munich, they had the soft criticism that Flick gave to the media for a too negative rating of the Piraeus game. They had devised a historical choreography, the first double of the club's history. They had written on a banner German Champion and Cup winner. It seemed like a clarification after the chaotic weeks. And to clarify the balance of power in German football and the footballers were very hard. They ran, they fought two, they intimidated the BVB in the first half even phased one. And when they stubbornly conquered the ball before the 1-0 and claimed it was really loud. It was only louder at the goal of Robert Lewandowski. And when, ten minutes later, he fished an unreachable ball with a phenomenal movement from the air, the audience thought it was back in the most beautiful Mia-san-mia times. So in the near future, when "Oh how is that nice, something you have not seen for a long time" sounded through the stadium. The tweet to the game

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