Felix Klein: Schools reported to report anti-Semitic incidents

Wednesday, 06.11.2019
12:59 clock

The Anti-Semitism Commissioner of the Federal Government, Felix Klein, calls for a reporting obligation for schools in anti-Semitic incidents. The case of three students who had played anti-Semitic songs on the bus after a visit to the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial and sang the text, showed how the brutalization of society could affect the rise of anti-Semitism. This Klein said the "New Osnabrück newspaper.


"I am committed to the introduction of a general reporting obligation for anti-Semitic incidents at school, as they already exist in Berlin and Baden-Württemberg," said Klein. For a school, there are then no more open questions, "then they have such incidents to view and investigate."

The anti-Semitism commissioner welcomed the step taken by the school from Grünberg in Hesse to report the incident to the police. "Degrading and insulting Jews is not tolerated in Germany – I wish that the young people learned this lesson from the consistent response of the school."


  Police investigate three 14-year-olds on suspicion of sedition. They also face school law consequences. It is thought both about pedagogical measures as well as about corrective measures, said a spokesman for the responsible school office. In the worst case, the school's suspect adolescents could be expelled.

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