Fifty Shades Of Gray: Star Rejected Main Role For Nude Scenes

 Hollywood star Emilia Clarke had to show much skin during the eight season of Game Of Thrones. In her role as Daenerys, the young actress was repeatedly pressured to make nude scenes. Even after the end of the cult series, Clarke was expected to drop the covers in additional roles. Therefore, the actress also defended herself against a performance in Fifty Shades Of Gray. Again and again Emilia Clarke was confronted with the same request when she refused nude scenes: "Do not disappoint your Game Of Thrones fans!" That's what the actress revealed in Podcast Armchair Expert. Meanwhile, she refuses to shoot this kind of scenes as long as it is not absolutely necessary for the movie. That she actually wants to urge her to do so often, she finds outrageous. Especially with the appeal to make the fans happy each time.
Meanwhile, she has gained experience and stands up for her limits. She was particularly fortunate that acting colleague Jason Momoa helped her in difficult times. It was he, for example, who made sure that Clarke was given a bathrobe between the recordings: "He cared for me in an environment where I did not know I needed to be cared for." Clarke says. Only now did she know how lucky she was, because it could have been "quite, very different".
This gives a clear insight into how hard the shooting of the nude scenes has to be. Now it is becoming increasingly clear that she does not want to take on the role of the nude in the future, too. Among other things, she rejected the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Of Gray. The fact that she is still being asked this question, whether she'll undress in front of the camera, and sometimes even expected, is tiring. In the future, the star will certainly think carefully about which roles she will assume. Since November 14, 2019, the dressed-up Emilia Clarke can be seen in the Christmas romance Last Christmas in German cinemas. The trailer can be found below in our video player.

Source: Armchair Expert

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