Frankfurt am Main: Deported suspected IS wife arrested

Saturday, 16.11.2019
10:09 clock

The German security authorities have detained one of the two suspected IS supporters, who were deported from Turkey on Friday evening, at Frankfurt airport.


The 21-year-old Nasim A. from Hesse should be brought to Karlsruhe on Saturday and presented there to an investigating judge, as the Attorney General has applied for a warrant for membership in a terrorist organization.

The two women arrived on Friday evening against 21.30 o'clock with a Linienmaschine of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul in Frankfurt / Main. There, both were interviewed by police, but should have denied any statement. During the flight, the women were accompanied by BKA officials.

Wedding according to Islamic rite

  The 27-year-old Heida R. was released after the police had fingerprints and probably a DNA sample taken. The woman from Lower Saxony has been cared for months by an association for the deradicalization of Islamists and has, according to their own information from IS resolved.


At Nasim A., the authorities see things differently. The young woman with Somali roots is said to have moved to Germany as a minor from 2014 to Syria and married there according to findings of the investigators in late 2015 after Islamic rite a fighter of the terrorist militia.

  According to the Federal Prosecutor's Office, the two initially moved to Iraq and lived in the city of Tall Afar in a house provided by the IS. The accused, according to the prosecutors, did the household and received money from the IS. In addition, she should have worn a weapon regularly.

Chancellor Merkel: "no danger"

  Later, Nasim A. is said to have moved with her husband to Syria, where he also fought for the IS. At the beginning of 2019, the Kurdish security forces detained her and sent her to the Al Hawl camp. Later, after her escape, she was arrested by Turkish security forces.


There are indications that the investigators want to sue Nasim A. for supporting ISIS. According to the case law of the Federal Supreme Court, this presupposes a "certain formal integration" into the organization, hence the indications of payment by the IS.

  Chancellor Angela Merkel had last assured that the German authorities would ensure that there was no danger from Islamists and alleged IS supporters who are deporting Turkey. These people would be subjected to a security assessment in the Joint Counter-Terrorism Center at federal and state level, she said. "Accordingly, then of course it is ensured that these people pose no danger."

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