Game Of Thrones Star Wants To Be Villain In Lord Of The Rings Series

 The new Lord of the Rings series will go to the streaming service Amazon Prime Video at the start. So far we have been able to get some details. Now, apparently, the actor is also stuck for the main villain of the series. Fans of Game of Thrones will most likely recognize him. More details about his character may follow in the future.
Slowly, the cast of Amazon's upcoming Lord of the Rings series continues to take shape. So far, the still relatively unknown Maxim Baldry in unknown role as well as Will Poulter as a young hero Beldor on board the big fantasy project. Markella Kavenagh is reportedly playing a character called Tyra. Now, the main villain of the series is supposed to be stuck. It is the Game of Thrones star Joseph Mawle. Fans are most likely to know him as Benjen Stark of Game of Thrones.
According to Deadline, he plays the villain Oren in the new fantasy world. Concrete details about the character do not exist yet. Some sources want to have confirmed the occupation of Joseph Mawles rock solid for the part. Amazon itself has not commented yet on the latest news. In six episodes of the HBO series, the 45-year-old Englishman personified Night Watch Benjen Stark, brother of Eddard Stark. He is also an uncle of six strong kids Robb, Rickon, Bran, Sansa, Arya and Jon Snow.
In addition to Game of Thrones Joseph Mawle was seen in several other television productions, including in the BBC series MotherFatherSon with Richard Gere and Ripper Street. On the big screen, for example, Mawle will star in the role of King Saul in Terrence Malick's The Last Planet, which tells of the life of Jesus Christ. Already in May, Bryan Cogman, a true Game of Thrones veteran, was hired as a consultant aboard the Lord of the Rings series. Directed by J.A. Bayona, who last worked on Jurassic World 2: The Fallen Kingdom. The authors include John D. Payne and Patrick McKay.
Uncle Benjen as alleged chief villain in Lord of the Rings: What do you think of this new cast? Do other known faces also come to the cast? The new Lord of the Rings series is set to launch on Amazon in 2021.

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