Good Christmas movies in December at the Disney Channel

 Slowly, the days are getting shorter, the incomparable scent of gingerbread, stollen and cookies is already hanging in the air and the first lights are brought out of the cellar. The winter announces itself and with it the yearning for the most magical time of the year! Christmas can not come fast enough, so the Disney Channel is already in full swing from the end of November onwards: From 20 November to 26 December, the Munich broadcaster will be showing a special daily movie highlight to set the scene for the festive season. Whether Disney movie classic or Christmas movie, there is something for everyone. So just like the couch and with warm blanket and hot chocolate enjoy the CHRISTMAS MAGIC in the Disney Channel! Always in time for primetime, the Christmas magic begins and transforms every evening with the Disney Channel into a magical experience for the whole family. Apart from Disney classics such as PETER PAN, CINDERELLA or 101 DALMATINER, film highlights such as KÜSS DEN FROG, POLAREXPRESS or SUDDENLY PRINCESS will also be shown. Of course, you should not miss charming Christmas movies such as BLENDEN CHRISTMAS or HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS. In the final spurt on Christmas Eve, all three parts of the fantastic comedy SANTA CLAUS will be shown, and then, with the heartwarming animated film THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE BEST: CHRISTMAS MAGIC, to usher in the festival of love. The crowning highlight on Christmas Day is the German TV premiere of CHARLES DICKENS: THE MAN OF CHRISTMAS INVENTION.
The movie highlights at the CHRISTMAS MAGIC are always available every day in prime time at 8.15 pmThe ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT, Wed., 20.11. at 8.15 pm
THE SNOWBALL, Thu., 21.11. at 8.15 pm
ARIELLE, THE MERMAID 2 – DESIRE TO THE SEA, Fri., 22.11. at 8.15 pm
THE SNOW QUEEN: IN THE SPIEGELLAND, German TV premiere, Sat., 23.11. at 8.15 pm
SANTA BUDDIES – IN SEARCH OF SANTA PAW, Sun., 24.11. at 8.15 pm
A NUTCRACKER FOR KISSING, German TV premiere, Wed., 27.11. at 8.15 pm
LOVE LETTERS FOR CHRISTMAS, Free-TV-Premiere, Thu., 28.11. at 8.15 pm
PETER PAN, Fr., 29.11. at 8.15 pm
THE STOLEN PRINCESS, Free-TV-Premiere, Sat., 30.11. at 8.15 pm
CHRISTMAS INC., Sun., 01.12. at 8.15 pm
ONE CHRISTMAS, Mo., 02.12. at 8.15 pm
BLENDING CHRISTMAS, Tue, 03.12. at 8.15 pm
THE POLAREXPRESS, Wed., 04.12. at 8.15 pm
Just call me NIKOLAUS, Thu, 05.12. at 8.15 pm
CINDERELLA, Fri., 06.12. at 8.15 pm
KISS THE FROG, Sat., 07.12. at 8.15 pm
GREETINGS FROM THE SANTA CLAUS, Sun., 08.12. at 8.15 pm
A WEDDING OF CHRISTMAS, Mon., 09.12. at 8.15 pm
SUDDENLY PRINCESS, Tue, 10.12. at 8.15 pm
A PRINCESS FOR CHRISTMAS, Wed., 11.12. at 8.15 pm
ROYAL CHRISTMAS, Thu., 12.12. at 8.15 pm
THE SNOW QUEEN, Fri, 13.12. at 8.15 pm
ARTHUR CHRISTMAS MAN, Sat., 14.12. at 8.15 pm
CHARLIE AND THE RENTIER, Sun., 15.12. at 8.15 pm
IN THE NORTH, THE CHRISTMAS STAR IS SHOWING, free-TV premiere, Mon., 16.12. at 8.15 pm
MY PERFECT CHRISTMAS, German TV premiere, Tue, 17.12. at 8.15 pm
SANTA & CO. – WHO SAVES CHRISTMAS ?, Free-TV-Premiere, Wed., 18.12. at 8.15 pm
HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS, Thu., 19.12. at 8.15 pm
101 DALMATINER (1961), Fri., 20.12. at 8.15 pm
SANTA CLAUSE – A BEAUTIFUL CHAOS, Sat., 21.12. at 8.15 pm, start of the film series
SANTA CLAUSE 2 – AN EVEN BETTER CHAIR, Sun., 22.12. at 8.15 pm
SANTA CLAUSE 3 – A FROSTY CHAIR, Mon., 23.12. at 8.15 pm
CHARLES DICKENS: THE MAN OF CHRISTMAS INVENTORY, German TV premiere, Wed., 25.12. at 8.15 pm
MUNSTER'S HAPPY CHRISTMAS, Thu., 26.12. at 8.15 pm
If you want to get into a festive mood with warm, warm feelings, here's a taste of the Disney Channel CHRISTMAS MAGIC here in the player with the trailer for probably the most beautiful Christmas movies you can find on TV.

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