Gossip Girl Forsetzung: Main character of the series returns

 It's been almost 8 years since Gossip Girl was finished. The cult series seems to want to pick up speed now. Soon, a sequel will be released on a brand new generation of private students on the Upper East Side. There is a particularly good news for the loyal fans: The most important figure of the original series finally returns. From 2007 to 2012 Gossip Girl supplied the fans with 6 exciting seasons. It all revolved around how it lives as an elite private student on the rich Upper East Side. The eponymous blogger from New York did not spare any details. All the dark secrets, intrigues and dramatic conflicts have been revealed. And of course passed on to us.
Eight years after the final there is again a sign of life from the youth series. The 2020 starting streaming service HBO Max is planning a Gossip Girl sequel. It takes viewers back to one of New York's most affluent corners. Of course we can count on a new generation of private students. But Kristen Bell, one of the main stars of the original, is back again. In the Gossip Girl sequel returns to the main character of the series.
Of course every fan of Gossip Girl knows Bell as the voice of the mysterious blog. She does not shy away from finding out every last detail of the protagonists. Her iconic voice is one of the things that makes Gossip Girl Gossip Girl first. Also The Wrap is aware of how important Bell is for the show: "Kristen Bell was and always will be the voice of Gossip Girl," according to a report by the producers. In the upcoming sequel, she informs us accordingly about the lives of the spoiled students.
As in real life, eight years have passed in the world of Gossip Girl. For the new generation, social media is more important than ever. They will therefore play a central role in the new series. Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage also return as producers. Currently, the Gossip Girl sequel does not yet have an exact start date. In Germany, the continuation is expected to be broadcast on Sky. The main Gossip Girl character returns: What do you think?

Source: The Wrap

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