GZSZ: Stars show their most beautiful moments 2019

┬áIn "good times, bad times" is a "blast" year to an end. The GZSZ year 2019 – it was a firework of emotions. It was laughed, cried, loved. Moving moments, strange birds, surprising twists. Old favorites returned, new faces mixed up the GZSZ family.
In the New Year's Eve Special "Good Times, Bad Times – Our Most Beautiful Moments 2019", the GZSZ actors look back on their year. They talk about their personal highlights, remember their most touching moments, the funniest situations. Exclusively they give a glimpse behind the scenes. The GZSZ stars reveal what went wrong behind the scenes in 2019. And the actors give very private insights on what happened this year in their own lives.
In New Year's Eve Talk GZSZ stars Valentina Pahde, Ulrike Frank and Gisa Zach answer their fans' questions: What did they laugh the most about during the shooting in 2019? Which scene did she particularly move? What is it like to shoot a love scene in front of the camera? Who was her favorite musicact? With which actor colleagues do you meet privately? Valentina Pahde looks back on the GZSZ fashion highlights in 2019. What was Sunny's weirdest dude? Would Valentina also wear this privately?
In addition: The popular GZSZ star Wolfgang Bahro reveals his top scenes of the year. What was his biggest breakdown, which scene was so wrong?
At the turn of the year, the stars release one or two little secrets exclusively: what can fans expect in the hit series in 2020? The actors of the hit series celebrate their year. Full of anticipation for GZSZ 2020 – with new stories, new destinies, new surprises in the favorite series of millions of Germans.

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