Halloween Kills: New Video for the Next Shocker with Michael Myers

 Halloween is already over this year. But by 2020, a famous serial killer will return to the movie screen again. Michael Myers goes on another manhunt. Lead actress Jamie Lee Curtis has now shared a look at the filming of Halloween Kills. The new video for the next shocker with Michael Myers already gives us a scary-nice foretaste. Horror icon Michael Myers just will not stay dead. Already last year, the popular serial killer returned for the sequel Halloween. All sequels to the original hit by John Carpenter were ignored. For several months now, it has been known that Michael will appear in two more sequels. These are called Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends and are directed by director David Gordon Green. The story about Laurie Strode and the serial killer should conclude.
After a first image, leading actress Jamie Lee Curtis just in time for Halloween in 2019 shared a new video about the shooting. It gives us a first look at some scenes from the upcoming sequel Halloween Kills. Below you can watch the video for the next shocker with Michael Myers himself:

'Tis the season ….. to start screaming. First look at the mayhem David has created for all of you. @halloweenmovie #halloweenkills #strodesstrong @universalpictures @miramax @blumhouse @halloweenmovie
– Jamie Lee Curtis (@jamieleecurtis) October 31, 2019

In addition to Michael Myers, we see in a bloody stoned Laurie Strode. But we also see some new characters from Halloween Kills. Judy Greer will be seen as Karen from the last Halloween movie as well as Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle. The figure was a small boy in the first Halloween movie from 1978 of the lot.
Also other stars from the original film you want to bring back for the sequel. These include Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace and Nancy Stephens as a nurse Marion Chambers. So the sequel continues the trend of last year's Halloween movie to get to the bottom of the survivors' experiences.
Halloween Kills awaits us on October 15, 2020 in German cinemas. About a year later, the saga of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers then end. The final part will be released on 14.10.2021 with Halloween Ends. What do you think of the first set video for Halloween kills?

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