Hamburg: Bible auctioned off Gutenberg press for more than one million euros

Tuesday, 26.11.2019

A bible from the printing press of Johannes Gutenberg has been auctioned in Hamburg for 1,050,000 euros. A private Swiss collector was awarded the contract for the two-volume work from 1462, announced the auction house Ketterer art. A spokeswoman said it was the most expensive Bible ever to have been bought in Germany.


The object had come with an estimated price of one million euros to the call. "The Biblia latina by Johannes Fust and Peter Schöffer, the direct successors of Johannes Gutenberg, is an absolute masterpiece that was printed during the lifetime of the inventor of the printing press," it said.

Johannes Gutenberg (1400-1468) revolutionized the method of book production with movable metal letters. Only seven years after the world-famous Gutenberg Bible, his master student Peter Schöffer created the valuable Fust-Schöffer Bible with his own, more contemporary letters. The extremely rare copy printed entirely on parchment was to be seen in his artistry at eye level with the Gutenberg Bible.

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