Hamilton crowns himself for the 6th title

Lewis Hamilton repeatedly clutched his helmet in disbelief, celebrating his sixth World Cup title in style with a few donuts at the Circuit of the Americas. Although he had to leave the victory after the United States Grand Prix after tenacious in the title fight finally defeated teammate Valtteri Bottas, the Mercedes star could hardly believe his luck. Sebastiano Vettel congratulated his permanent rivals even before the award ceremony, the race of the Ferrari star It was long since finished.

"Still we rise", Hamilton sparked in the style of his motto "Still I Rise" ("I'm always growing") to the team. Asked about the ever-closer title record of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher, he said: "It's overwhelming, I wanted to win the one-stop strategy, but that does not matter now, my parents are here, their partners, many Friends My dad told me when I was a kid that I should never give up. "Bottas takes a fresh start in 2020 for the World Cup titleBottas, who could no longer postpone the World Cup decision until the penultimate round of the season in two weeks in Brazil "I gave my all for the title and I complimented Lewis but missed a shot next year." The Finn overtook Hamilton in the fifth-final lap in Austin, Texas and consoled himself with his seventh Formula 1 win over the loss of his remaining chance in the title fight. Third place went to Red Bull driver Max Verstappen (Netherlands). Ferrari, on the other hand, experienced a terrible relapse into times that had been believed to have happened at the Circuit of the Americas. Vettel left early, Charles Leclerc finished with huge distance to the top trio only fourth place. Ironically, on the 50th anniversary of team boss Mattia Binotto Scuderia missed the first time since mid-May in Barcelona podium. Already an eighth place would have enough Hamilton enough to make half-dozen self-sufficient and zoom up to a title to record champion Michael Schumacher approach. But the only started from rank five Briton went into the risk and was almost rewarded.Vettel, however, already had a catastrophic first round in which he lost from starting position two out of four ranks. I have no damage, I do not know where he came from, I have not touched anyone, "sparked the Heppenheimer to the pits. In the eighth lap Vettel got far out in Turn Eight and suffered a fracture of the right rear suspension. Vettel suspects a "crack" "It was very funny, I had no grip at the start, had to pass many cars, was a bit battered, exit corner Nine over the bump then it has done a hit, "said Vettel on" Sky ":" It is likely that there was already a crack in. This is of course bitter It is annoying, it was still about the third World Cup Place, but I can not change anything now. "Renault driver Nico Hülkenberg (Emmerich), whose Formula 1 future is still in the stars, brought as ninth after all two championship points. Winner of the early stages of the race was Hamilton, who from five to three improved and to Bottas and Verstappen tuned. Leclerc could not follow the top trio, when his tire change pitted the pit crew disastrous. At the top Verstappen took at the end of the 13th round new tires, Bottas followed in the next round. Hamilton remained on the track and wanted to trick the top duo over the strategy. "It will be difficult with just one stop," his race engineer Peter Bonnington sparked at the 34-year-old. But he did not just want to cruise to the title, but the very big piece of cake and risked a lot. There are reasons for this: only two of his six world titles made Hamilton perfect with victories, 2014 in Abu Dhabi and 2015 in Austin. In 2008, 2017, and 2018, Hamilton's placements were far from the podium in turbulent races – that was not exactly what the ambitious Briton wanted.

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