Has Fallen: Several sequels planned with Gerard Butler

 Angel Has Fallen was probably only the beginning of a whole series of spectacular action films. Secret Service Agent Mike Banning will have his hands full in the future. According to the producers' reports, a complete second trilogy is already in the planning stage. On top of that even TV offshoots should follow. You will learn how to proceed soon with the Has Fallen series. After the Olympus, London and an angel we have to slowly wonder what else can fall down somewhere. Especially since the tendency is obviously also descending. What follows now on Angel Has Fallen? However the makers of the successful action series around Gerard Butler envision the upcoming Has Fallen titles, there will definitely be several more. As it seems, expect us three more movies and possibly even even TV offshoot of the series.
Alan Siegel, CEO of the production company behind the Has Fallen series, wants to build on the success of the previous trilogy. According to the deadline, he announced this at the financial conference of the American Film Market. It would soon take a fourth, fifth and even sixth part in attack.
Internationally one wishes oneself then also several TV series with brand-new main actors. Several sequels are intended to follow the originals with Gerard Butler. The main characters of the series could then appear in the movies: "If we were to implement this, for example in India, the star could then join in Angel Has Fallen 4. We could create a symbiotic connection."
It all sounds very much like a Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, this concept has failed in many other cases. It therefore remains easy to see how successful the upcoming projects in the Has Fallen series are. Would you look forward to several Has Fallen sequels with Gerard Butler?

Source: Deadline

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