Hertha BSC: Preetz introduces Klinsmann: "Needed little push"

Jurgen Klinsmann steps with much confidence his coaching post at Bundesliga club Hertha BSC. "I have great desire and joy," said the former coach at his presentation on Wednesday afternoon. "Many say: Berlin is a sleeping giant, but somehow it does not move properly." He wants to change that: "We want to climb up as fast as possible and if we are in the secured midfield, we want to continue looking up."

But currently the capital club is in a relegation battle. "The sporty is problematic, because we need not talk around it," said Klinsmann, who meets in his comeback ten years after the coach-out at Bayern Munich on Saturday (15:30 clock) in the home game on Borussia Dortmund. is the BVB, said Klinsmann, who trained on Wednesday afternoon for the first time with his team.Köpke and Arne Friedrich reinforce Hertha until the end of the seasonThe 55-year-old also confirmed his coaching staff: As his co-coach act the former Bremen head coach Alexander Nouri and Markus Feldhoff to the Keeper temporarily takes care of national goalkeeping coach Andreas Köpke, who received the approval for a short-term engagement in Berlin by the end of the year from the German Football Association (DFB). Ex-national player Arne Friedrich takes over the newly created position of performance manager. "We have a functional team that will be able to take things into their hands to get points as quickly as possible," said Klinsmann. Hertha manager Michael Preetz meanwhile revealed that a series of intense days were behind Berlin is located. After the 0: 4 against FC Augsburg, it was in close exchange with Klinsmann, who in the short term rose again from California in the plane to continue the talks. "He had plenty of time to think about everything in the plane, and he needed a little extra for it." accompanied the presentation press conference with Jürgen Klinsmann and Manager Michael Preetz live. +++ That's it with the Klinsmann presentation +++ After many questions the PK is over. Jürgen Klinsmann trains for the first time with the team in the amateur stadium at 4 pm. The match day PK will take place on Friday. +++ What changes are there? +++ Klinsmann: It's about accepting the situation. It's not about change. Rather, for cooperation and for the close cooperation with the fans. This is very important, so that they get the patience with us again. Then we go one step at a time. +++ Michael Preetz on Andy Köpke +++ I did not speak with Jogi Löw, but had an exchange with Oliver Bierhoff, we have a long and good relationship. For the DFB that is perfectly fine, otherwise we would not have granted the release. +++ Are new items on the wish list? +++ Klinsmann: No. +++ Is Friedrich a relief? +++ Preetz: First of all If this is the case until the end of the season, it has been agreed. When a new coach comes, you also hear his wishes. Arne was also a little bit looking for what he wants to do in the future. We have a long history, not only because of Arne's long time as a professional with Hertha BSC. Not only do I personally appreciate him, but I am also convinced of his experience and skills as a specialist. I am glad that we have found a common way with him. I do not want to speak for him, but it will also come from his side, what fruit the cooperation will bear. +++ Klinsmann on Buddha Statues +++ I never put them there. That was a media matter that was gladly accepted. I am very grateful for my year at FC Bayern.Hier in my suitcase, I have not too big gifts with it. +++ How long is the commitment? +++ If you say yes to such a situation, then you say yes. I am now club coach Hertha now 24 hours available. My wife gave the OK. +++ How does Klinsmann want to play? +++ Every coach has his own ideas. First of all, we need points, then we look at the how. My ideal is to be offensive and to act with young players. At the moment, I'm putting it at the very back. It's about collecting points and getting into the secured midfield. Then we will discuss here behind the doors and see what is possible. +++ What does Windhorst say about the change? +++ Preetz: Not surprisingly, he was not averse. If someone like 200 million euros invested in a club, he informs himself. Also about the CV of Jürgen. The change is therefore very positive. +++ National team or club: Klinsmann on possible concerns +++ A club is something completely different than a national team. Ultimately, the table stand always speaks for itself in football. That's our job to improve it. +++ Windhorst as a new ruler in Berlin? +++ Preetz: One thing we have to clarify: The cooperation with all parties are not that old yet. We are still in the exploratory phase and have one goal: to further develop Hertha BSC. The belief in achieving that unites us.We have also benefited greatly in the past and will also benefit from working with Tennor – not just monetary. It is important to us to work in partnership. There is no seizure of power, just a togetherness. +++ Klinsmann on his own drive +++ The kick-off was there from the beginning, through the talks with Lars Windhorst. Even when Jonathan came here and got the training. Or for 15 years, when I became a member. +++ Klinsmann on the new generation +++ We constantly have to find out how the young people tick. I have a 22-year-old son and a 18-year-old daughter. It just belongs to learning. When you come to a level, that is also possible with the new communication media. I'll get to know the boys now, and then it's time to move on. But that's an environment I've known for 39 years. I was allowed to learn every day, now a new station has been added. +++ The constellation with Nouri +++ Alex Nouri I got to know in recent years, was also with us in California. See him as a very eager to learn and inquisitive, who could already prove himself in the Bundesliga. If that's the case with me, that you were about to become national coach in South America, then of course you also know your people. There are many considerations. Alex Nouri and Markus Feldhoff will lead the exercises, as they also have a free hand. The players are always listening to me anyway, since the assistant coaches can also have the loud word +++ The coming set screws +++ I'll meet the players the same, but I also know the most. The players are already aware of the situation, they can also read the table. It is important that everyone knows: we do things together here. We will prepare now for the weekend, as comes a tough opponent. +++ Really only until the end of the season? +++ This fast-paced constellation, which has emerged in recent weeks, made it difficult to play the role on the Supervisory Board. He pushed on, as you know, and I act as his sports advisor. His role is incredible, but now you have to be flexible and open. It is planned that I do this here until the end of the season. So until May 2020. So Michael has time to find a new solution. Two days ago it was not even planned that I would be here, so what happens in May, I just do not know. +++ Klinsmann about the decision +++ If I do something, then right. No matter in what function. I think it is a very exciting task. As Lars Windhorst says, it's not a short-term thing. Sure, I'll jump in, but basically it's nothing short-term. He has committed. Even if that happens overnight, that I'm starting, I'm looking forward to it. I already have the confidence to say that I can. And I have a great desire. We also start right out there. +++ The changes in the goalie training +++ Preetz: We have a great appreciation for Zsolt Petry, Jürgen has just said so. In the next few days we will see how we can continue to work with him in the future. +++ New developments in the club +++ Preetz: We have two intense days behind us and now have to deal with everything in the required order. The training therefore follows immediately after the performance. The team is informed, of course. Personal words to the team I will turn the same and introduce the coach. Klinsmann: The most important thing, of course, are the goals and to look up. But we have to climb in the table first. +++ Klinsi brings his staff +++ I brought a staff from the USA. A few weeks ago I had prepared a staff responsible for Latin America. Since I had to redesign a little now. First of all, I have Alexander Nouri, whom one still knows from the Bundesliga. Another assistant coach is Markus Feldhoff. We also have Andi Köpke as goalkeeping coach. In the fitness area we are supported by Werner Leuthart, a warhorse with experience. In addition, I asked Michael to install Arne Friedrich as Performance Manager. He will be close to the team and the link to the management. +++ Klinsmann starts +++ First of all hello together. When I flew back after the Augsburg game, I did not expect to be here so fast. I have a long history with Hertha, my father was already in the curve. My first game was against Stuttgart, when I stood as an 8-year-old with blue and white cap in the curve. In addition, my son already played for Hertha BSC. Yesterday came the long conversation and the request, if I can step in. I wanted to give the team the opportunity to explore everything in peace and to discuss everything long-term. After two, three hours came the call from home again. And now I'm sitting here. Berlin is waiting for something big, is a sleeping giant. I believe that Lars Windhorst gave a push in that direction. Of course it does not look sporty, we can all read the table. Of course, I leave my job on the supervisory board for the time being. I'm a big fan of Ante, also because my son has worked with him already. I'm still in exchange with him. For me it is now important to get points and climb slowly upwards. That's not an easy task, I know that. The team must now feel the pressure. +++ Preetz with first words +++ I would like to start with the fact that we would have wished all of us at Hertha, if we could have continued with Ante Covic. The recent results, and ultimately the match against Augsburg, but then have given the impetus for the change. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Covic for his work. We will discuss in the next few days, as it continues with Ante here at the Hertha. We have had close contact with Jürgen Klinsmann immediately after the match against Augsburg. We need to know that we have been in exchange for a long time. I have asked his basic attitude, if he can imagine that. He still had time to think about everything in peace on the plane. In the end, he needed a little extra here. We have a proven football expert, world champion and one who is jointly responsible for the summer fairy tale 2006. We are all happy that he is here. +++ Klinsmann comes on the stage – let's go! +++ Smiling and together with manager Michael Preetz Jürgen Klinsmann comes to his presentation. First, enough photos of the new Hertha coach are shot. +++ How are the reactions? +++ Jürgen Klinsmann becomes "The Spaetzle One", Buddha statues travel from Munich to the capital city and in the Hertha cabin, "Der Weg" by singer Xavier Naidoo will sound in the future: The Bundesliga fans reacted with a lot of humor, but also with a little malice and wonder about the Klinsmann engagement. But there are positive voices. Click here for the slideshow! +++ Two prominent names are in the room +++ In addition to Klinsmann and Nouri, two other big names could join Hertha. According to Bild, Andreas Köpke will be goalkeeping coach in Berlin until the end of the season. Ex-international Arne Friedrich will act as the new team manager – probably after the example of Sebastian Kehl at Borussia Dortmund or Sascha Riether at Schalke 04. Confirmed the message is not yet. +++ Völler speaks to +++ The former companion Rudi Völler has spoken up. "I'm happy for Jürgen that he's back," commented the 59-year-old sports director of Bayer Leverkusen before returning from the Champions League match in Moscow. Völler had become world champion together with Klinsmann 1990 in Rome. In 2004 he was replaced by Klinsmann as national coach of the German national team. +++ Hertha needed change +++ The Berlin had recently collected four league defeats in series and crashed into 15th place. Klinsmann recently joined Hertha's Supervisory Board and is considered to be the authorized representative of investor Lars Windhorst. +++ Klinsi has already gained Bundesliga experience +++ For the 1990 World Champion, his involvement with Hertha will be his second job in the Bundesliga. In the season 2008/2009 Klinsmann coached Bayern, but was suspended after failure to succeed. He then coached the United States national team from 2011 to 2016.

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