"Hindafing", Season 2: Maximilian Bruckner as Kokspolitiker Zischl

Thursday, 07.11.2019
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From the full bust to the political coup and back to full bust, there are often only a few nasal coke. Ex-mayor Anton Zischl (Maximilian Brückner), who is already quite broad in his own importance, but knows how to use the white powder to potentiate his natural power-drunkenness, performs these up-and-down moves in the most blatant form ,


Now "Hindafing", the series of satires built around him, goes into the second season. Zischl has meanwhile risen from municipal to state politics, and right at the beginning of the new six episodes, he again puts on a typical Zischl stunt.

Because nobody knows him in his new Munich constituency so far, he runs up at a protest event in a local factory to hold speeches against the upcoming settlement. Zischl plays the carter, great performance, the press is there too. Problem: He forgot to find out in advance what the factory actually produces. The fact that these are mainly damaged assault rifles reduces the publicity considerably.

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Press the hand, weapons manufacturer!

  But a Zischl does not give up. Without invitation, he then cheats on the hunting party of the Prime Minister, and suddenly there is right in front of him a capital stag, on which he puts on – and then by mistake, the Prime Minister hard to shoot. Zischl can disguise his perpetration, it is based on a terrorist attack. All of a sudden, in Bavaria, where people have been fully committed to digitization and the bio-economy, olle internal security is once again a big topic. And Zischl with his dilapidated gun butt to the man of the hour.

Zeitgeist, buried under anarchic comedy


The series "Hindafing" produced by the Bayerische Fernsehen (in the Arte-Mediathek and from Thursday in the linear program) works in its best moments like Billy Wilder's satire "Eins Zwei Drei": It is a big unleashed joke that precedes the authentic social running the time is sparkling. The brilliance of the series creators Rafael Parente, Niklas Hoffmann and Boris Kunz (some were also the minds behind the Sky series "Eight Days") is also how they manage to flash the zeitgeist to him then under the anarchic unbound plot to bury.

  The first season was about how Zischl, as provincial mayor, dreamed of the "Hindi metropolitan region" and then left behind only ruins of organic supermarkets and refugee homes. The second is about how the ex-provincial prince tries to assert himself with his supporters from the butchers' guise in a political operation, where all speak only of new media, biotechnology and diversity.

  How the new is compassionately summed up: "The prime minister is simply not interested in your sausage industry." Barbara Obereder stands for topics of the future, digitization, high-tech, Internet, Twitter topics, understand it. "


The man has no chance, but he uses it. Since you may like to come back to the thing with the defective German weapons material with which the series makers allude to the real incidents around the HK G36: The Member of Parliament Zischl is a kind of assault rifle of German democracy – he involuntarily shoots around the corner and yet somehow into the black. As clumsy as the second season of "Hindafing" comes along, it is also a nice analogy to the current party operation in the country.

  Because so much is being discussed again about the K-question: The supersious Zischl would actually be a good chancellor candidate in times when politics in the perception of many people is perceived only as a mixture of unlikely coincidences and insane power ping pong. We hope for a third season, Zischl must be chancellor.


"Hindafing": Already now in the Arte-Mediatheque, starting at Thursday, 8.15 pm in the linear program of Arte, from the end of November on Bayerischer Rundfunk

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