Honda's austerity program endangers remaining in the premier class after 2020

With Red Bull Honda has again become the winner in Formula 1. But that could soon be over: If the Honda Group management does not vote for continuing, then ends the modern Honda era in Formula 1 after the upcoming season. The decision should be made in 2019. Therefore, according to Honda Formula 1 leader Masashi Yamamoto in the coming weeks, a key question to be answered. Namely: What would it cost to perform under the new regulations from 2021 as engine supplier in Formula 1?

"We have already started calculating the costs, we are discussing this internally," says Yamamoto, referring to the "pressure" under which "all manufacturers" are pushing ahead with electrification. Accordingly, it would need a coherent and cost-effective concept, so that Honda in the future still be able to compete in Formula 1. Ziel is a "cost balance" Being there, that would not be all for the Japanese brand. Yamamoto explains, "Winning is a priority, and if we decide to do it, we want to win." Say: In the fight against Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault is a narrow-gauge budget probably not enough. Yamamoto seeks the compromise and says: "It is good to have good results, but more important is to find a good cost balance." Why just his department Taking a road-map, Yamamoto explains, "With a lot of development budgeting to catch up, Yamamoto says we're planning on keeping up with the current level while keeping costs down "Help unitary units? At this point unitary parts could come into play, as they are still in discussion for Formula 1 drives. Yamamoto, however, sees the ruler as duty: "If the FIA ​​could show that we use this or that unit of unity in 2025, then that might have an impact on our decision as to whether or not to go ahead, because that would help us with the Plan for a longer-term budget. "How quickly the World Federation can provide answers could be crucial for Honda, having won three wins and two pole positions this year: the decision on the Formula One whereabouts or retirement after 2020 is still to come fall before January.

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