Horror Hobbit wants to re-shoot Nightmare On Elm Street

 Elijah Wood is still known to most as the star of the Lord Of The Rings series. Meanwhile, he has moved away from his role as Frodo. He made the leap from star actor to star producer. And apparently he has a very special liking for the horror genre. With his partner Daniel Noah, he now wants to reissue a very special cult series. In Hollywood, there were always rumors that Nightmare Рmurderous dreams should be reissued. Especially after 2018 with Halloween another horror classic scored new successes. His producer Jason Blum now wants to focus his attention on the next genre franchise. He is therefore looking for a new edition of Nightmare On Elm Street. However, as it turns out now, he will probably get competition.
Talking to Coming Soon, producers Daniel Noah and Elijah Wood were also very interested. They've been dreaming of re-shooting the Nightmare On Elm Street series for the cult killer Freddy Krueger. Apparently they not only have a concrete approach, but have also talked to the rights holders. Wood and Noah do not want to reveal much more at this time. After all, they suggest that you would lead the series in a completely new and surprising direction.
The producer duo has been producing their own horror films for several years now with their company SpectreVision. The first big attention came in 2014 with the black and white vampire story A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. Scary shockers like The Greasy Strangler and especially the crazy horror masterpiece Mandy gave them extra attention. Her latest projects include the Lovecraft adaptation Color Out Of Space.
It remains unclear whether the two can secure the rights for Freddy Krueger and Co. But if they could do it, it might be interesting considering their recent horror productions. What do you think about the horror classic Nightmare On Elm Street?

Source: Coming Soon

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