Ice Queen 2: First Spectators Cry in the Cinema

 The Frozen 2 recently premiered worldwide. First reactions to the eagerly awaited sequel already existed. This seems to become a lot more adult and more emotional than its predecessor. The first viewers even had to cry when they saw the premiere in the cinema. Here's what you get from Frozen 2. The list of Disney movies is already long this year. On top of that, however, the Frozen 2 is still a real animation heavyweight. Whether it can build on the gigantic success of its predecessor, but remained worthy of discussion. Now the first lucky ones were allowed to see the Disney hit. In general, the votes are mostly positive. Especially the more mature and somewhat gloomy approach gets a lot of encouragement.
For example, Drew Taylor of Moviefone reports, "I loved Frozen 2. It's a darker, more complex and emotionally grown-up story that carries on everything you loved so much about the first film, while keeping the original intimacy the same. Beautiful animation, wonderful new characters and (FINALLY) a Kristoff song! "

Loved # Frozen2. It's a darker, more complex and more emotionally mature story, continuing everything you love about the first movie and upping the ante while maintaining the intimacy of the original. Gorgeous animation, wonderful new characters and (FINALLY) a Kristoff song! ❄️
– Drew Taylor (@DrewTailored) November 8, 2019

The figures of The Frozen 2 also give the critics much praise. Some scenes are even so touching that tears like to flow. Alisha Grauso of Atom Tickets writes: "Frozen 2 is breathtakingly beautiful, and relies on his strong characters – I've cried at least 3 times – from the story to the last thread of Elsa's gown, devotion and love are visible. Everyone in Team Elsa gets at least one solo this time. "

# Frozen2 is breathtakingly beautiful and relaxed in his empowerment for his characters. I cried at least 3 times. Elsa's dress, the care and love puts into it shows. Elsa gets at least one solo this time around.
– Alisha Grauso (@AlishaGrauso) November 8, 2019

For some moviegoers Frozen 2 but does not quite come up to the charm of the original. Alison Foreman thinks of Mashable: "Frozen 2 does not quite catch the magic of the first part, but there are: Elsa in a diving suit, a howling Anna, a howling Sven, Kristoff with a 90s rock ballad, the wisest Olaf, and this good boy! "

Just got out of # Frozen2! Elsa in a wetsuit, Anna ugly crying, Sven ugly crying, Kristoff singing a '90s rock ballad, Olaf at his wisest, and … THIS GOOD BOY! ! (We must protect him at all costs.)
– Alison Foreman (@alfaforeman) November 8, 2019

Are you already curious about the reviews of Frozen 2? The Disney sequel you see on 20 November 2019 in German cinemas. Until then, check our video player to see the trailer.

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