Insidious 5: New information on the horror sequel in the cinema

 Almost every horror fan can do something with the Insidious movies. Meanwhile, the fifth scary shocker is already in the series. Always there was Hollywood actor Patrick Wilson. For his return to Insidious 5 as Josh Lambert, he is now very open. Between 2011 and 2013, Patrick Wilson traveled twice in the dark world of Insidious. For the two prequels Insidious: Chapter 3 and Insidious: The Last Key, franchise creator Leigh Whannell moved Lin Shaye to the center of the story. Their unusual psychologist Elise Rainier died already in the first film.
The big gap between prequel and original was closed with Insidious: The Last Key. Insidious 5 would now theoretically have to play in the present and tie the plot to Insidious: Chapter 2. In fact, it was confirmed that in a fifth part again actress Linda Shaye would be at the start. She could be on the side of Patrick Wilson.
The star would not be averse to returning to his role, as he tells the Hollywood Reporter: "For me, a story is never really complete, I do not know how to decorate Josh's, but I never had the feeling that his arc has come to an end, only we have owned it before and once experienced as a worried family man, so it begs the question, what else could he do with him, no idea what journey the creators have in mind at any rate is open to them. "
Wilson is also a good friend of horror director James Wan. The duo is currently working with high pressure on the DC stripe Aquaman 2. To cope with the Insidious series would certainly be a big loss. After all, the films have been an extremely good source of income over the past decade. Worldwide, the four films played more than $ 550 million, with the last offshoot with over 170 million dollars was the most successful representatives so far. Whether you take the opportunity and the franchise with Insidious 5 expands, probably remains to wait.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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